Friday, January 18, 2008

27 Dresses

Jane (Katherine Heigl) has a great job, and a man she adores. The problem is George (Edward Burns) is her demanding boss who doesn’t think of her romantically. Jane’s life is further complicated by a reporter (James Marsden) secretly doing a story on her and the appearance of her younger sister (Malin Ackerman) who immediately hits it off with George.

I don’t know if there is actually a book entitled “How to Make a RomCom,” but if so the these writers have read it cover to cover. Every cliche is present, the disinterested right guy, the animosity to meeting the really right guy, the embarrassing situations, the betrayal, the miscommunication, and the inevitable happy ending. The film even goes farther with wacky cab rides and bad drunken karaoke.

Nor does the story make that much sense. Both of the men here are complete jerks. Her choices are they guy who constantly takes advantage of her and never takes her feelings into account, or the guy who goes behind her back, lies to her, and makes a mockery out of her life. Ladies get in line to snatch up one of these prize hubby candidates.

About half-way through the film there exists a scene between Heigl and Marsden where she tries on all the bridesmaid dresses she owns and talks about being a bridesmaid. Somewhere, hidden deep down, in this is an interesting tale of a woman who gives so much of herself and makes everyone else’s dreams come true. There’s actually something there that might make the center of a good film. Sadly that’s lost among the bad jokes, groans, and pratfalls. And for a comedy there sure isn’t much to laugh at. There ware a couple lame attempts that got a chuckle from me, but only one genuine laugh from the entire film. I won’t ruin that one moment for you in case you are forced to see this film, though if your girlfriend drags you to this you might want to reconsider your options.

The quote above comes from the film. If only Hollywood would take it to heart and stop making these generic movie in a box tales filled with lame humor, stupid characters, “funny” coincidences and humiliations. You’ve seen it all before, and you’ll see it all again. Actresses seem cursed with having to make these films as some kind of rite of passage. It’s almost as if the studios want to see how bad of a movie an actress can carry without destroying her career. If she makes it through maybe she gets better scripts and if not she becomes Kate Hudson.

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