Thursday, May 31, 2012


1984's Lassiter was a pretty obvious attempt to cash in on Tom Selleck's popularity from Magnum, P.I. It's also surprisingly good. The film was directed by Roger Young, who also helmed the first episode of for Magnum (as well as the TV mini-series adaptation of The Bourne Identity starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith). Although a little dated in spots, the film holds up fairly well nearly 30 years after its initial release.

On the eve of World War II, framed for a crime he didn't commit, London's premiere cat burglar Nick Lassiter (Selleck) is pressured by a British Police Investigator (Bob Hoskins) and an agent of the FBI (Joe Regalbuto) to use his unique skill set to break into German Embassy in London and steal $10 million in precious uncut gems.

Batman: The Dark Knight #9

I wasn't a fan of this Bat-tile before the New 52 reboot and I've given the new volume a pretty wide berth. However, the latest issue had three points of interest to make me pick it up.

First, Judd Winick was guest-writing and although his his latest work hasn't been his best, he's produced good stories in the past. Two, the cover showcased Red Robin on the cover (who only appears in one panel, isn't connected to the story at all, and doesn't utter a word). Three, it was a Night of the Owls crossover.

The problem with this issue, as has been the trouble with almost all of the Night of the Owls crossovers, is that once again the focus here is on a villain, another Talon, instead of the comic's main character. This issue is all about Alton Carver, the Talon sent to kill Lincoln March, and his history with the Court of Owls and Batman.

Interviews with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron

To help promote their upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman, based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron each sat down for an interview with Elvis Mitchell as well as pose for a photoshoot (which you'll find pics of inside). In the interview Stewart discusses working with female directors, her first role in The Safety of Objects, how Twilight helped her understand the character of Snow White, and her roles in On the Road, The Runaways, and Welcome to the Rileys. Theron talks about her fear of live performance, her love of playing characters who are hard to love, working with Tom Hanks on That Thing You Do!, and her roles in Monster and Young Adult.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Flash #9

Writer and artist Francis Manapul (along with co-writer Brian Buccellato) gives us the Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd, Round One. Honestly, given the early teases we'd seen of the New 52 versions of Grodd and Gorilla City this was better than I expected. I'm not sure I like the change from Gorilla City from an advanced scientific race of apes into a more magical religious group but this certainly wasn't the total disaster which I feared.

The Flash shows up in Gorilla City at a loss as to how he arrived there and who he is and learns from a group of elder Gorillas that the secret tribe worship the Lightning (the Speed Force) and the prophesied appearance of the Runner (the Flash). Although awkward in places, the comic picks up after the Flash regains his memory and puts down Grodd's rule and plans of world conquest.

The issue has several important small plotlines including Iris still stuck in limbo, the Pied Piper deciding to come out of retirement when Central City is left without a hero, Dr. Elias mounting a protest against the scarlet speedster, and a teaser for the introduction of another of the Flash's Rogues next month - the Weather Wizard. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]


Woody Harrelson stars as David Douglas Brown, a crooked cop forced to face up to his choices in the midst of the 1999 Rampart Scandal in which more than 70 Los Angeles police officers were implicated in the most widespread case of police misconduct in history.

The story is presented in the form of a character study of "Date Rape" Dave, a womanizing, bigoted bully who has daughters (Brie LarsonSammy Boyarsky) from a pair of sisters (Cynthia NixonAnne Heche) and is facing charges of police brutality and viciously beating a man who crashed into his police car on camera.

In need of help Dave recruits a retired cop (Ned Beatty) and old friend of his father's who puts him onto a heist that only gets him in further trouble with the LAPD. His involvement also puts an investigator (Ice Cube) from the District Attorney's office on his case.

Batman Incorporated #1

Please, for the love of God, would somebody at DC stop letting Grant Morrison write Batman stories. Morrison resurects several of his Batman Incorporated supporting players and throws them haphazardly in the New 52 for the new (but not really improved) Batman Incorporated.

The issue starts with a group in animal masks mutilating livestock to lure Batman and Robin into the crosshairs of the assassin known as Goatboy. Sigh. Goatboy, it seems, has decided to cash in on the hit Leviathan has laid on young Damian.

Morrison gives us the Dead Heroes Club (Batwing, El Gaucho, The Hood, Wingman, and Halo) almost all of whom I didn't even know existed in the New 52 before now. He also gives us Dark Knight Returns mutants (for no more reason than he gave us Goatboy), and one hell of a bullshit ending even an newbie first-time comic book reader could call. Seriously, I can't believe Morrison went for such an obvious sleight of hand in the first issue of a new Bat-title where we know damn well nothing bad is going to happen to the Dynamic Duo.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Captain America #12

As S.H.I.E.L.D. doctors try to help Diamondback, who has slipped into a coma after the beatdown from the new Scourge, Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan set out to get a little revenge by attacking an underground HYDRA base and learning the secret of the S.H.I.E.L.D. leak.

We get a couple of revelations here including Sharon Carter's discovery of the leak within S.H.I.E.D. to be a brainwashed Henry Gyrich as well as a look at the face of the man wearing the new Scourge costume - Dennis Dunphy.

Although the inclusion of Gyrich and Dunphy does nothing to help sell me on the story, there's certainly enough here to pick this one up including some good inner monologue from Cap during his attack on the HYDRA base and the art by Patrick Zircher whose action sequences really pop. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]


For his directorial debut Ralph Fiennes chooses a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's Coriolanus. To help, Fiennes enlisted the help of screenwriter John Logan (Hugo, The Last Samuari, Sweeney Todd, Rango, Gladiator). It's an ambitious project to be sure but despite some solid performances the film hits some snags when adapting the story to modern day.

Fiennes stars as Caius Marcius Coriolanus, a legendary general of Rome who cares little for politics, and far less for the troubles of the common man. Despite his disinterest he agrees to run for the Senate to please his mother (Vanessa Redgrave). This action, far more than any risk ever taken on the battlefield, will prove to be his undoing.

Top Ten Summer 2012 Preview

It's going to be hard for any film this summer to meet the bar The Avengers set this Spring. In Hollywood terms Memorial Day has always been (more or less) the start of the summer movie season. So what do they have in store for us this year? A couple more super-hero flicks, new films by director Wes Anderson and Woody Allen, time travel, a fictional character literally brought to life, and the end of the world. Not all of these look to be box office winners, but with all do respect to that Schwarzenegger remake (which didn't make my list), these are your best bets at finding some real movie magic this summer.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Comic Rack

It’s a new week so it must be time to talk about comics! Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls. Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we offer you this quick list of all kinds of comic book goodness set to hit comic shops and bookstores this week from all your favorite publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie, Dynamite, Image Comics, and others.

This week includes Amazing Spider-Man, American Vampire, America's Got Powers, Angel & Faith, Bomb Queen, Diablo, FF, Ghostbusters, Incorruptible, Incredible Hulk, Jennifer Blood, New Deadwardians, Peter Panzerfaust, Queen Sonja, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Trek, Supercrooks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Young Justice, the first issues of Grim Leaper, The Ravagers, Secret Lives of Julie Newmar, Superman Family Adventures, and the final issue of Bomb Queen VII, Hulk Smash Avengers, Memorial, Monocyte, and Road Rage.

Enjoy issue #178

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday with Mary Elizabeth

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Homecoming

Green Lantern: The Animated Series concludes it's first season with an invasion of Oa, a fleet of Red Lanterns on the verge of invading Guardian space, and a trip home for Hal Jordan (Josh Keaton). Although it's taken me a little time to warm to the design and look of the show the first season did have its moments and I'll be interested to see where it goes from here with the conclusion of the Red Lantern story arc.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Awesome Characters - Agent XXX

There are characters we fall in love with. The perfect mix of actor and writer that breathes magic onto the screen or inside the television.

Who's your favorite Bond Girl? That's a question with so many possible answers you might have the conversation (or more likely heated argument) for hours. There have been several through the years I have enjoyed, but one who always ranks near the top of my list is Major Anya Amasova.

The KGB's top spy, Agent XXX not only gets the drop on James Bond (Roger Moore) when they first meet in The Spy Who Loved Me, but at times proves to be his equal, possibly even his better (even if she can't quite decide whether or kill the British Secret Agent for murdering her former lover or sleep with him).

Rookie Blue - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

I caught the first couple of episodes of Rookie Blue's first season back when it premiered in the summer of 2010. Although I'm a fan of the show's star Missy Peregrym, there wasn't enough to bring me back every week and I wondered how long the show would manage to stick around. After completing two 13-episode seasons Rookie Blue returned this week for it's Third Season and, with most of the shows I'm currently watching now on hiatus (or waiting to begin their own summer runs) I decided to give it another shot.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Men in Black III

Well that was... in 3D. I wonder how many film series will find themselves resurrected for the soul purpose of cashing-in on Hollywood's latest love affair with 3D. If Men in Black III is any indication (a franchise that died a decade ago only to have it's undead corpse dug up and trotted out to make a few dollars at the box office) perhaps movie studios may want to be a little more selective in choosing which movie series to resurrect.

Men in Black III isn't a bad film. It has some enjoyable moments (like Bill Hader's cameo as Andy Warhol) and some nice performances. Hell, Josh Brolin playing a younger version of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones's character) is almost worth the price of admission by itself. Almost.

However, the story is stuck in neutral with a generic time travel adventure involving a grizzled alien (Jemaine Clement) out for revenge. Much like Tommy Lee Jones (who only appears on-screen in a limited role this time around), the film simply feels tired and only vaguely aware of what's going on.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glee - Goodbye

In the series third season finale the graduating members of the New Directions say goodbye to the Glee Club and prepare to for their lives after graduation. Although the show undercut the finality of each moment by announcing almost all the characters will be returning in some role next season, it's still nice to see each get their own final story and a chance to say farewell.

Nightwing #9 (New 52)

Nightwing battles his great-grandfather William Cobb, the greatest of the Talons, and tries to save Mayor Hady from assassination as "Night of the Owls" continues. During the bloody battle which Nightwing barely survives we get Cobb's backstory and his reasoning for joining the Court of Owls.

Although the battle between Nighwing and Talon works, the flashbacks take up far too much of the comic (you'd almost think Cobb was the comic's main character). Neither Dick Grayson, nor the reader, really needs this amount of back story for the Grayson's zombie assassin ancestor.

The Court of Owls storyline, which started in Batman, is working far better in than title than most of other Bat-titles it's spread to this month. In terms of "Night of the Owls" this tie-in certainly isn't a must-read to keep up with the main story, but for fans of Nightwing the action may, may be enough to still warrant picking it up. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

Elle Showcases the Duality of Kristen Stewart

To help promote her new film Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart sat down with Elle Magazine's Millea and a cover shoot with director Joe Zee and photographer Tom Munro playing on "the dual [male and female] characters, drawing inspiration from stylish trailblazer Loulou de La Falaise as well as Helmut Newton’s provocative photographs. In the interview Stewart discusses why she feels her life is boring, her first memory of her mother, her predilection for intense characters, on what it's like to see herself on-screen. Check out pics and behind-the-scenes video from the shoot after the jump.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Winter Soldier #5

"The Longest Winter" concludes at the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow are able to stop Lucia von Bardas' plans to launch missiles from Doctor Doom's secret nuclear silos using the codes the Latverian monarch programmed into his Doombots.

With their tenuous alliance with Doctor Doom, Bucky and the Black Widow are able to take down Bardas and the second Soviet sleeper agent trained by the Winter Soldier, Dimitri. However, the Red Ghost alludes capture, and the fate of the third sleeper agent is unknown.

A good conclusion of the arc that still leaves a couple of threads let unanswered. It also marks the returns of the Red Ghost's army of gorillas with machine guns (c'mon, who doesn't love that?). There's plenty of action and even an ending that gives Bucky some of his beloved solitary brooding time (along with a quick assassination at the end). No, he's certainly not Captain America anymore. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

Tumbler Tour

The Tumbler Tour rolled through Kansas City the last few days bringing with it Christopher Nolan's version of the Batmobile and the Bat-Pod (from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and this summer's The Dark Knight Rises). Pretty cool!

Jesse Stone - Benefit of the Doubt

Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) returned to television this past weekend, but sadly without his author's voice. Written by Selleck and Michael Brandman Benefit of the Doubt continues to examine the the life of the recovering alcoholic police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts. Although the latest made-for-TV film delivers another strong character-centered story, the script is lacking the flair of Parker's trademark wit.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo III - Whimsyshire

Diablo III may not have a cow level, but it does have unicorns and teddy bears. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the magical secret level of Diablo III - Whimsyshire.

Captain Atom #9 (New 52)

While searching the future for the cause of the end of the world Captain Atom comes to face-to-face with the destructive god-like force known as Chrono Mota and he's shocked to see the unintended effect his time on Earth has had on those he's saved.

While Captain Atom finds little war and bloodshed he's at a loss in trying to process the fact that he's become a god to those like Ramita and Mikey Parker. Mikey has become a doomsday prophet ready to destroy and remake the world in his name, and Ramita has become a warrior using the power unknowingly gifted to her to help those who can't help themselves.

But it's in the final pages where Captain Atom looks into the heart of the time-space paradox and world killer known as Chromo Mota that he learns the truth about his own future and the destruction of the Earth.

Maxim's Hot 100 of 2012

Maxim has chosen their Hot 100 of 2012. Supermodel Bar Refaeli tops the list. Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Megan Fox, Malin Ackerman, and Adrianne Palicki round out the top 10. Check out a video featuring all 100 in under 100 seconds after the jump.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 (New 52)

"Night of the Owls" continues as the Red Hood finds himself in Gotham doing a favor for Batman and protecting Mr. Freeze from an man brought back to life as an assassin. The irony of the situation isn't lost on Jason Todd.

As Todd gets reacquainted with his hometown, and deals with his conflicted feels with helping his former boss who he is adamant he now hates (although it's clear his feelings are far more complicated), Starfire and Arsenal try to keep Freeze under control so the Red Hood can deal with the Talon sent to kill him.

Although I'm not thrilled with the redesign of Freeze or the conclusion of the Red Hood's battle with Talon there are several nice moments here including Kory's reaction to being attacked by Mr. Freeze, Todd's inner struggle and walk down memory lane, and his confrontation with Batgirl in the comic's final pages. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

Sherlock - The Complete Second Season

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who does double duty by playing Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes) continue their reimagining of Sherlock Holmes in modern day London. The Second Season starts out with one of Holmes' most famous cases and the introduction of "The Woman," followed by a demon hound loose on the moors, and ends with the fall, and apparent death, of the detective at the hands of Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott).

Of the three episodes from this season, the first ("A Scandal in Belgravia") is my favorite. The episode introduces the character of Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), the only character to ever best Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. Pulver makes a deliciously conniving Adler and brings out a side in this version of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) we had not seen before.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Skyfall teaser

Bond is back. Here's the first teaser for Skyfall in which Bond (Daniel Craig) is tasked with eliminating a threat to MI6 and England stemming from secrets of M's (Judi Dench) past. Ralph FiennesAlbert FinneyJavier BardemBérénice MarloheHelen McCroryNaomie HarrisOla Rapace, and Ben Whishaw (as the new version of Q) also star. Bond returns to theaters on November 9th.

Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures #2

The latest Atomic Robo series gives us four more short stories. Two are continuations from the opening chapters from issue #1 as Atomic Robo trains with Bruce Lee and The Sparrow and Scarecrow fight off Nazis during WWII.

We're also given a pair of separate stories. The first involves an Atomic Robo impostor who gets a team killed while trying to capture the apparently invulnerable Yonkers Devil. The final, and best story of this issue, finds Robo attacked by Thomas Edision and the ghost of Rasputin while trying to study for finals.

Although all four stories are fun The Sparrow is still missing a certain robotic hero to liven things up, and it certainly feels like it would have been better served told in more than a few pages at a time (honestly, I'd completely forgotten what happened in this story in issue #1). Sadly, the killer robotic dogs on the cover don't make an appearance in this issue. Only the Rasputin tale stands out and I would have gladly traded the pages of one of the other stories to have this one fleshed-out a little more. Worth a look.

[Red 5, $2.75]

Daredevil #13

After being interupted by the Black Spectre on his date with Kristin McDuffie in the last issue, Daredevil dons his red long johns, grabs the Omega Drive and heads for Times Square where he draws out not only Black Spectre, but A.I.M.HYDRA, Agence Byzantine, and The Secret Empire.

Although he holds his own, eventually the numbers are simply too much and one of the groups makes off with the Omega Drive, but, then again, that was all part of Daredevil's plan. The twist works well-enough, but given that Daredevil knows what's happening his internal monologue during the fight doesn't quite work once the reveal has been made.

The issue seems to wrap-up the Omega Drive storyline, at least until the epilogue where Daredevil finds himself transported to Latveria against his will. Next month should see a pretty good matchup of Daredevil vs. Doctor Doom as well as let us in on what Foggy was shocked to find in Matt's desk. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

Piranhaconda trailer

As much as this may seem like a spoof, I assure you it's not. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the trailer for the SYFY Channel's original movie Piranhaconda starring Michael MadsenRachel HunterShandi FinnesseyTeri Ivens, and Rib Hillis. The movie is scheduled to air on SYFY on June 16th.

Comic Rack

It’s a new week so it must be time to talk about comics! Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls. Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we offer you this quick list of all kinds of comic book goodness set to hit comic shops and bookstores this week from all your favorite publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie, Dynamite, Image Comics, and others.

This week includes All-Star Western, Amazing Spider-Man, Aquaman, Astonishing X-Men, Batman: The Dark Knight, Brilliant, Chew, Cobra, Deadpool, Fables, Fantastic Four, The Flash, Green Hornet, Hulk, Irredeemable, Near Death, No Place Like Home, Orchid, Powers, Rebel Blood, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, Superman, Teen Titans, Vampirella, Youngblood, the first issues of Batman Incorporated, Godzilla, Mind MGNT, Resident Alien, Star Wars: Darth Vader and The Ghost Prison, True Blood, and the final issue of Magic: The Gathering.

Enjoy issue #177

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fairly Legal - Shattered

Kate (Sarah Shahi) finds herself involved in a mediation concerning the possible negilgence of a nurse. The lawyer (Katie Walder) suing the nurse just happens to be an ex-girlfriend of Ben's (Ryan Johnson). The nurse in question is a Haitian who will be deported if she looses her job and the only witness who could clear her is an eco-terrorist (Betsy Brandt) who has been on the run for 20 years and has no intention of blowing her cover now.

Justice League #9 (New 52)

As Batman calls in Superman and Cyborg to help quash an uprising in Arkham Asylum caused by The Key, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman take down the Weapons Master who was terrorizing Central City. Although they don't realize it, both attacks are connected to the mysterious Graves who is amassing information about all the league's members.

Near death and running out of time, Graves kidnaps and tortures Steve Trevor for information about the League and how to get into their satellite. When the torture doesn't work Graves threatens the soldier's family to get what he wants.

The return of artist Jim Lee means the overall quality of the art improves, but once again we get odd group shots where characters are presented and posturing at odd angles while in battle or attempting to communicate with each other. The back-up story gives us Billy standing up for his foster siblings (but still being a jerk), and Sivana unearthing a mystical tomb. It's certainly not great, but for JL fans it is worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

Scandal - Grant: For the People

When Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher) decides to go public with President Fitzgerald's (Tony Goldwyn) affair with intern Amanda Tanner (Liza Weil), the White House scrambles into damage control and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is forced to call in Olivia (Kerry Washington) to help save the President from the media storm that's about to consume him.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Person of Interest - Firewall

In the season finale Reese (Jim Caviezel) tries to protect the latest number from the Machine, a psychologist (Amy Acker) in danger from one of her patients, while staying one step ahead of Special Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown) and the FBI who are starting to close in on him. His job is complicated when he learns the heads of HR, whom Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) has finally met, have accepted a contract to go to whatever lengths necessary to makes sure the woman he's attempting to protect is dead within 48 hours.

Avengers vs. X-Men #4

The fourth-issue of Marvel's big summer event only moves forward the larger story in a minuscule way as the Phoenix Force awaits in space above Earth. However, Avengers vs. X-Men #4 does give give us a face-to-face confrontation between Hope Summers and Wolverine as the mutant messiah attempts to convince the man who wants her dead that she should be given the opportunity to try and control the Phoenix Force.

With frozen beers and a well-reasoned argument Hope convinces Logan to help get her to the moon where she can confront the looming cosmic entity. Although Logan agrees, he proves to have other motives leading to another confrontation between Marvel's two marquee teams on the surface of the moon.

The comic does a good job by showcasing how powerful the Phoenix Force is (it takes down Thor and the rest of the space-fairing Avengers with little effort), and Hope's early scenes with Wolverine work really well, but Logan's multiple turns are a little awkward and far too rushed.

The Mentalist - The Crimson Hat

Six months after giving up the Red John case and being fired from the CBI, Jane (Simon Baker) hits rock bottom and returns to his roots as a con man in Las Vegas. While the team investigates the murder of a John Doe without him they learn their former partner has been arrest for assault, fraud, narcotics, and resisting arrest.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Community - Digital Estate Planning

What happens when you take the cast of Community and digitize them as 8-bit characters and then let them loose upon a computer generated world? A awful lot of fun! Pierce (Chevy Chase) shows up with the study group to meet Gilbert (Giancarlo Esposito), his father's longtime assistant and executor of his will who informs he before his death Pierce's father created an old school 8-bit video game for Pierce and seven friends. Whoever wins the game will become the heir to the Hawthorne fortune.


I don't know the history behind how this movie based on a Hasbro board game got made, but I have an idea. I'm pretty sure director Peter Berg must have found himself at a Hollywood party where the alcohol was flowing freely and he stated emphatically that Michael Bay was a hack and anyone could make one of his movies. Battleship, I assume, was his attempt to prove this point.

Even for a movie based on a board game, Battleship is dumb. In fact it's incredibly, inexcusably, mind-numbingly dumb. And for a film filled with explosions, big budget special effects, and alien attacks, the film is neither all that exciting nor enjoyable.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Look - Elementary

CBS has released a teaser for Elementary, the new modern day American take on Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller as the great detective and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson. I have serious doubts as to whether or not the CBS series will be able to reach the bar set by BBC's Sherlock (and this short behind-the-scenes look doesn't instill me with confidence), but as a Holmes' fan I'm willing to give it a shot. Elementary is set to premiere on September 20, 2012.

Glee - Nationals

New Directions makes it to Chicago for nationals but immediately faces trouble when Mercedes (Amber Riley) goes down with a 24-hour bug. While Sue (Jane Lynch) tries everything to speed her recovery she also drafts Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) into the Troubletones' number in case her diva isn't able to perform. Will (Cory Monteith) starts to fear that destiny might be against them again and maybe he hasn't done enough to prepare the team to win, but is touched to learn the team wants to dedicate their win to him.

Batman and Robin #9 (New 52)

Damian gets his first solo mission of the New 52 in this "Night of Owls" tie-in issue as he's sent to protect Major General Benjamin Burrows from a being the latest victim of the Court of Owls.

Although it's not a bad issue, Damian taking control of a small squad of soldiers to save their wounded leader, for Damian's first big adventure on his own it's far from memorable. The dialogue of Damian convincing the soliders to take his orders, and eventually lead them is pretty damn awkward. I'm also not totally sold on the art by Lee Garbett which in some panels feels a little too goofy for so serious a storyline.

If you're only picking this up as a "Night of Owls" tie-in you could probably give it a pass. If, however, you're a fan of Damian (even the New 52 version) there's enough here to keep your interest, at least for awhile. For fans.

[DC, 2.99]

Glee - Props

With graduation and nationals quickly approaching for the New Directions, Sue (Jane Lynch) develops an obsession with props and arranges a complicated dance number while trying to convince Kurt (Chris Colfer) to perform in drag at nationals to combat Vocal Adrenaline's new star (Alex Newell).

Hawaii Five-0 - Ua Hala

In the Second Season finale Five-0 finds itself under attack as someone is systematically targeting the team members. A hired gun (Taylor Cole), a woman who was supposedly killed more than five years ago in a bank  robbery gone wrong, starts by killing Captain Fryer (Tom Sizemore), putting a bullet in Max (Masi Oka) at the crime scene, and blowing up police headquarters injuring Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) and more then two dozen other officers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bones - The Past in the Present

Just when they are needed most to make sure Christopher Pelant's (Andrew Leeds) appeal doesn't overturn his original conviction, Booth (David Boreanaz) is given a new murder case involving the discovery of a body in the National Hamilton Wildlife Refuge where all the evidence points to Bones (Emily Deschanel).

Captain America #11

Dum Dum Dugan and Diamondback discover that someone out there, posing as the new Scourge, is killing former terrorists and minor super-villains who are now protected witnesses for S.H.I.E.L.D. Okay, it turns out they aren't that well protected.

A little digging into the leak leads to the discovery of an even bigger problem when Captain America finds a HYDRA infiltrator in to the echelons of S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile the group tries to narrow down the list of potential targets the new Scourge may hit next which leads to a confrontation between the assassin and Diamondback and the murder of another witness.

I like the inclusion of Dugan and Dimondback here, the later (given she's a former super-villain) will have a real stake in the case. Scourge, in one for or another, has been around forever in the Marvel Universe to help trim the fat. I'm intrested to see how writer Ed Brubaker uses the character in this new arc. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

Fairest #3

Finding themselves captured by the Snow Queen, Jonah Panghammer regales the the unlikely group with the story of Briar Rose's birth and magical blessings bestowed upon the princess. Slighted, and at the most opportune hour, the Snow Queen also bestows her own curse on the newborn child.

This series is becoming an awful lot of fun and the third issue shows us the complexity and deviousness of Panghammer who has used the situation involving the Snow Queen to his own advantage. We're going to have to wait until the next issue to find out what the imp really has in mind, but writer Bill Willingham has certainly crafted and intriguing new character in the Fables universe.

There are a couple of small, but fun, touches as we learn magical blessings can have quite literal translations in the real world (and the reason why Briar Rose never sang for her 60's girl band). With strong art by Phil Jimenez and another cool cover by Adam Hughes, this tale of Sleeping Beauty is definitely worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Morning Glories #18

"P.E." continues, and although we don't get any answers about the school and its mysterious ways we do learn a little about Abraham's group working against Morning Glories Academy. The issue is centered around Jun (really Hisao) who gets into another fight with his brother Hisao (really Jun) but is rescued by a childhood fried, Guillame.

As Guillame and Jun reconnect and kill time in a way that would be sure to make Bill O'Reilly shout down the evil homosexual comic book agenda of Image Comics, we also get flashbacks to Jun and Guillame's time together as children growing up in Abraham's compound.

Although the issue doesn't really move the plot forward it does cement a couple of important points (other than Jun's sexual preference). One, we know Jun isn't alone working for Abraham. And two, we discover which other member of the new Morning Glories recruits is not only part of the group but in charge of their mission. It's not who you expect. Worth a look.

[Image, $2.99]

Fatale #5

Hank wakes bloodied, chained, and with odd symbols carved into his chest. He's a guest of the Satanic cult deep below the bowels of the city. Their Bishop plans to use him as a sacrifice to, as he puts it, "help me see my god again."

Jo finds herself betrayed by her former lover Walter Booker who has found a way to lessen her hold on him and now it seems he plans to turn her over to the very people who he saved her from all those years ago, but appearances aren't all that they seem.

Issue #5 concludes the series' first arc "Death Chases Me." And although Hank is saved from the cult and makes away safely with Josephine it's clear evil has only been stymied, not stopped. As to whether Hank's life is better today than before he met the woman he loves with all his heart, well, that's a little murky as well.

Credit to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips for delivering a noir/horror thriller that it appears is only getting started. Bring on Book Two. Worth a look.

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Chuck Versus the Fifth (and Final) Season

The final season of Chuck finds the Intersect in the head of Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez) and our super-CIA spies entering the private sector as Carmichael Industries. As Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) enjoy married life, Casey (Adam Baldwin) gets a girlfriend (Carrie-Anne Moss) and goes to jail with Lester (Vik Sahay).

This year's missions include a computer super-virus, the return of old foes Decker (Richard Burgi) and Shaw (Brandon Routh), and an even deadlier new one in Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen). We'll also learn Sarah's darkest secret and meet her mother (Cheryl Ladd), Chuck will briefly return to his hacker roots, and two members of the team not named Chuck will have adverse effects from the Intersect as the super-computer begins to melt their brains and alter their personalities. And in the series' final arc Chuck finds himself at war with a wife who doesn't recognize him and a vengeful former spy who wants the Intersect for himself.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fairly Legal - Kiss Me Kate

While trying not to deal with the aftermath of her late night kiss with Ben (Ryan Johnson), Kate (Sarah Shahi) is called in by Judge Nicastro (Gerald McRaney) who needs help with a heated dispute between the transit-workers union and a company facing bankruptcy. The judge wants Kate to broker a deal between the head of Bay City Metro (Chris Payne Gilbert) and the violatile head of the union (Meat Loaf) with a contentious history with the judge.

Scarlet Spider #5

Now that Kaine's battles with the Assassin's Guild are over (at least until they ask him to make good on his promise to assassinate someone on their behalf) the Scarlet Spider can relax. Except he can't because a small group of terrorists have chosen Houston to detonate a nuclear device.

With time running out Wally Layton asks for the Scarlet Spider's help (a name Kaine is less than thrilled that people have begun using for him) in finding the bomb. However, the police officer is a little unprepared for how brutal Houston's new super-hero gets while pumping suspects for information.

With Kaine and Lawton the comic has a fun odd-couple buddy-cop movie feel which when mixed with the countdown and suspense of the story turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun. We do get cameoes from Iron Man, Maria Hill, and (for some unknown reason) Ultimate Universe Nick Fury, but none of them interact with our hero or make it to Houston in time. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

Batman #9

The Night of Owls continues as Batman fights off an army of Talons inside the Batcave while dressed in an armored Bat-suit designed for the most hostile and alien places on Earth, and armed with a pet dinosaur and an army of bats that come in the nick of time.

Most of the issue deals with the fight in the cave but I do wonder why so many Talons were sent after Bruce Wayne (who they didn't yet know was Batman) when the other targets didn't garner so much attention.

The back-up story features Alfred's father Jarvis in his final days of service for the Wayne family and his attempts to leave Wayne Manor and make it back home only to be stopped by a member of the Court of Owls.

I wish the last few pages had dealt with the Night of Owls other than a mostly forgetable back-up story. I'm also not thrilled with writer Scott Snyder's attempt to rope Alfred's family into the seemingly all-encompassing Court of Owls arc. Worth a look

[DC, $2.99]

Comic Rack

It’s a new week so it must be time to talk about comics! Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls. Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we offer you this quick list of all kinds of comic book goodness set to hit comic shops and bookstores this week from all your favorite publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie, Dynamite, Image Comics, and others.

This week includes Adventure Time, Birds of Prey, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Catwoman, Cobra, Conan the Barbarian, Danger Club, Daredevil, Fury MAX, Ghostbusters, Glory, Hellblazer, Invincible Iron Man, Jughead, Justice League, Mondo, New Mutants, Nightwing, Planet of the Apes, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Richie Rich, Saga, Saucer Country, The Shade, Simpsons Comics, Sixth Gun, Supergirl, Uncanny X-Men, Winter Soldier, Wonder Woman, X-Factor, the first issues of Dancer, Hardcore, and the final issue of Locke & Key: Clockworks.

Enjoy issue #176