Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Atomic Robo & the Dawn of a New Era #2

With the grown-ups gone, and Robo down in the basement with his secret project, it falls on Foley to get the new Action Scientist recruits up to speed. Atomic Robo & the Dawn of a New Era #2 jumps around a bit, keeping us up to date on the status of the various characters.

Baby Driver Visual Remix (Vinnie Maniscalo - Takillya)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Detective Comics #998

Batman's investigation into the recent attacks on the close allies of both Batman and Bruce Wayne leads him down another false path as the Dark Knight Detective confronts Dr. Hugo Strange (who is intrigued by, but innocent of, the accusation Batman lays at his feet). And when another friend is attacked by the bizarre monster, Batman will go to great lengths to make sure it doesn't do any more harm.

Detective Comics #998 is most notable for Batman donning the Hellbat armor to save the Demon from an attack. The attack also seems to imply that there is some kind of mystical, and not just monstrous, force behind the recent attack on Batman's friends.

Carmen Sandiego - The Duke of Vermeer Caper

Both Carmen (Gina Rodriguez) and A.C.M.E. begin investigating the theft of Vermeer paintings. For Carmen that means heading to Amsterdam to the Rijk Museum to steal the only remaining painting while disguised as The Duchess hoping to use the stolen painting to draw out V.I.L.E. and retrieve the other stolen artwork. Through a bit of bad timing and misfortune, however, it's up to Zack (Michael Hawley) to step in as the Duke of Vermeer forcing Carmen to give her assistant the crash course version of My Fair Lady so he can complete the sale and provide a distraction long enough for Carmen to recover the rest of the paintings. The episode relies quite a bit on Zack, a little too much as there seem to be more than enough clues to give him away to V.I.L.E. Still, the stolen artwork and Carmen's quick work and stealing them back before Zack blows his cover provides a fair amount of tension.