Friday, March 5, 2021

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith

I'll admit, I fell off a bit with my reading of rebooted Buffy and Angel comics with the whole Hellmouth crossover. I've picked up a bit here and there, and that's what made me notice this new 40-page one-shot centered around Faith. The issue offers a glimpse of Faith prior to her introduction in Sunnydale but after she became noticed by the Watchers Council as a potential Slayer (Or became a Slayer? It's confusing).

Prodigal Son - Face Value

Since it's premiere, Prodigal Son has balanced how far over the edge to take it's characters. In "Face Values" the show goes a bit too far over the line as Malcom (Tom Payne) is distracted from his latest case involving a doctor Botoxed to death by what turns out to be his sister Ainsley (Halston Sage) screwing with him after discovering what he has kept from her. While this means Ainsley isn't a serial killer, it does mean she's perhaps even less mentally stable than the show has explored so far as she is incapable of realizing just how far she has taken things to try and teach her brother (who risked his job and prison to protect her).

Superman & Lois - Heritage

Two episodes in, it's becoming pretty clear that the name of the show should be Superman & Lois & Jonathan & Jordan as the show continues to divide its focus to the various Kent family members. As expected, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) becomes the more sullen of the two brothers after the family's relocation and his trouble fitting in with the Smallville football team. Jordan's (Alex Garfin) momentary good humor about spending time with his dad and visiting the Fortress of Solitude is quickly dashed when his hologram grandfather suggests that he doesn't have enough Kryptonian DNA to ever develop true powers. Holo Jor-El (Angus Macfadyen), what a jerk. (Also, did anyone else think it odd that somehow Jor-El was able to capture footage of Kal-El's escape and Kryptonian's destruction which, you know, he didn't live through or have time to be able to program into a computer?) As for the Kents, I may be able to stomach one moody Kent sibling, but two is going to get tiresome rather quickly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Black Cat #3

With half of the issue taking place inside the mind of the Black Cat, Black Cat #3 doesn't do much to advance the overall tie to "King in Black" which turns out to be a good thing (and not only because I could care less able the larger event) as this single issue detour turns out to provide a hell of a lot of fun.

The Flash - All's Wells That Ends Wells

The first episode of The Flash's Seventh Season picks up the unfinished threads of last year's truncated season with an hour filled with enough plot for three episodes and wild tonal shifts. Most notably, the episode features the breakthrough necessary to power the artificial Speed Force and restore Barry's (Grant Gustin) disappearing speed. However, there's a catch as Nash (Tom Cavanagh) connection to the Multiverse turns out to be the only possible fuel, meaning The Flash has found yet another way for Tom Cavanagh to die. It's sad to see Cavanagh exit again, although there still is one version of the character out there looking to tangle with the Flash (but Reverse-Flash doesn't factor into this episode at all). Before exiting stage left, again, the episode includes a goofy sequence with the various versions of Wells stored temporarily within Barry's body which is best forgotten as soon as possible.