Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Batwoman - Tell Me the Truth

Batwoman continues to fumble around its First Season with a slightly-better-than-average episode that puts Kate (Ruby Rose) and Sophie's (Meagan Tandy) relationship front and center and deals with Sophie suspecting Kate is Batwoman. The later is taken care of with the coincidental sudden appearance of another of Kate's old flames Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe). I like Julia, and I don't begrudge the show using a time honored technique to get around an alter-ego discovery. That said, the episode largely wastes both Wolfe and her character by making Julia nothing more than a convenient plot point when her skills, and knowledge of both Kate's past and present activities, could have been put to far greater use over multiple episodes. The episode handles Sophie a bit better, although by mostly going over ground already covered in previous episodes. The final scene between Sophie and Kate, and Sophie's confession to her husband about the past relationship, seems to move the show away from further exploring their feelings for each other... at least for now.

Rick and Morty - The Old Man and the Seat

"The Old Man and the Seat" is an odd episode that puts the fate of the world in the hands of Morty (Justin Roiland) and Jerry (Chris Parnell) while Rick (Roiland) becomes obsessed with finding and taking revenge on the person who used his private toilet. The episode obviously gets its name from Rick's storyline which, one could argue, is one of the few times that we've seen Rick actually defeated as he is unable to unleash his full fury on his adversary. In the other story, it's no surprise that Jerry's shortsightedness once again almost brings an end to the world when he ignores Rick and decides to make an app with Rick's new intern that causes everyone on Earth to question their life choices by finding their one true love (of the moment). Summer (Spencer Grammer), of course, takes to this instantly. Offering a nice dig on dating apps and algorithms, the storyline isn't quite as memorable and Rick's hate-filled obsession (even if it does all boil down to a single poop joke).

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Usagi Yojimbo #6

With the 35th anniversary of the character's first appearance, creator Stan Sakai takes us back to the beginning by expanding the original 8-page story in which the character appeared ("The Goblin of Adachigahara") in this look at the wandering rabbit ronin's travels leading him back to the plains of Adachi where Lord Mifune fell in battle years before.

Mean Tweets - Music Edition #6