Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Black Cat Spidey Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

Danielle Beaulieu is a Boston cosplayer. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. You can also support her on Pateron.

Lucifer - BluBallz

"BluBallz" relies on one of the oldest television tropes of keeping Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) from getting closer by the introduction of an ex (Justin Bruening) as a potential murder victim in their latest case and Lucifer completely misreading how to handle the situation. Taking questionable advice is the theme of the episode's B-story in which Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) attempts to become more emotionally available by adopting Ella's (Aimee Garcia) personality. The weakest episode of the season so far is really only memorable for its final moments in which Lucifer and Chloe's relationship gets physical and Michael steps back in for a little mischief by allowing Dan (Kevin Alejandro) to see an entirely new side of Lucifer Morningstar.

Monday, September 28, 2020

2B Nier Automata Cosplay by Fenix Fatalist

Fenix Fatalist is a cosplayer from the Ukraine. You can follow her on deviantART, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also support her on Patreon. Photo by Alexander Bootsman.

Monday with Niece Waidhofer

Niece Waidhofer is a Texas model and cosplayer. You can follow her on Instagram. Also check our her official site and you can support her on Onlyfans and Patreon.

The Umbrella Academy - 743

If there's one character the television series has done a disservice to by centering the stories on the older lives of the Umbrella Academy members while limiting flashbacks to childhood it's Ben (Justin H. Min). "743" attempts to make up for that oversight by giving the character arguably the biggest hero moment in the entire series. Given his discovery at the Temps Commission, Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) attempt to prevent the FBI's torture of the captured Vanya (Ellen Page) from altering the past. However, when none of them can get to her, it's Ben who steps up in a big way to save not only his sister (who spends most of the episode fighting the return of her memories) but the entire world as well. Elsewhere, the Handler (Kate Walsh) uses Lila's (Ritu Arya) discovery of what she thinks is the truth about her parents to manipulate her into going after the Umbrella Academy.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Enola Holmes

Based on the young adult novels by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes introduces us to the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Taking much of its plot from the first novel of Springer's series, The Case of the Missing Marquess, there are two mysteries here for the precocious Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) to unravel in both solving the sudden disappearance of her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) and discovering the identity of who is behind the attempted assassination of a friend (Louis Partridge) she meets on the road.

Millie Bobby Brown is the highlight here as a Victorian Nancy Drew who overcomes several obstacles, often breaking the fourth wall to talk directly to the audience, while searching for answers and attempting to prevent her brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin) from imprisoning her in a soul-crushing finishing school for girls of her age who hope for nothing more than to please a husband. Henry Cavill co-stars as an aloof version of Sherlock in his early years prior to meeting Dr. Watson. Sherlock loves his much younger sister, even if he can't find a proper way to express that emotion most of the time.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Locke & Key - Echoes

"Echoes" offers answers to several of plot points hinted out throughout Locke & Key's First Season as it explores how various characters and events fit together such as the suicide that kicked off the series and just how Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) came to be. We also get to view the past six months from the perspective of Ellie (Sherri Saum) which gives context to several of her actions and provides answers about the night Joe died. Thanks to Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) and Rufus (Coby Bird), Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey (Emilia Jones) have a clue to another key Echo wants to retrieve, although their plan to trap Dodge doesn't go quite as expected. Eden (Hallea Jones) being attacked by Kinsey's fear also brings her, Jackie (Genevieve Kang), and the others in on the keys and the bizarre happenings around town since the Lockes returned.

Catwoman #25

Catwoman has returned to Gotham City in the over-sized Catwoman #25 which begins with the burglary of the Graves, Willock, and Crane building for the Penguin and the Riddler before double-crossing the both of them in order to pay back towards part of the trouble she has caused. The story also has inter-cut sequences of Catwoman's dance with a Bengal Tiger making reference to the dangerous line she continues to walk but always manages to survive.

Scarlet Spider Cosplay by Whoanerdalert

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Once and Future #11

After killing Beowulf, who Merlin and Zombie Arthur sent after them by tricking the legendary hero into doing their bidding, Duncan and his grandmother are forced to deal with Grendel who attacks Bridgette's retirement community creating quite a mess.

Super Dinosaur - The Legend of the Ghost Lizard

Derek (Valin Shinyei), Dexter (Alessandro Juliani), and Super Dinosaur (Mac Heywood) take a camping trip where they discover a mysterious Ghost Lizard and a temple revealing history about a race of Lizard Men who once walked across the Earth before sealing themselves in Inner Earth. The only appearance of the Dino-Men in the episode is the pre-credit action sequence in which Derek and SD return with DynOre as the rest of the episode features the trio camping, getting chased by a holographic defense mechanism that at first looks like a ghost, and discovering new information about the inhabitants of Inner Earth. Dexter also returns from the trip with evidence suggesting Max Maximus (Marco Soriano) was telling the truth about his forgotten wife.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - Camp Cretaceous

The first episode of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous introduces us to Darius Bowman (Paul-Mikél Williams) and five other teens who become the initial guests of the new Camp Cretaceous attraction in Jurassic World. The parents, willing to send their kids unsupervised to a dinosaur murder park, are nowhere to be found. Bad decisions appear to be genetic, as it takes less than a single episode for Darius to get himself and two walking cliches in the douchey rich kid (Ryan Potter) and the perky social influencer (Jenna Ortega) into serious trouble. Much of the early scenes are in awkward first-person perspective as they focus on Darius' attempting to win a ticket to the camp by being the first to beat a video game. Thankfully the view ends once Darius wins his ticket so he can get into real trouble half a world away.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Darth Vader #5

Darth Vader's search for answers about the death of Padme Amidala and the birth of his son comes to a close. A final clue in Padme's beautifully rendered tomb leads Vader to the former Rebel base on Polis Massa where Padme died. However, the long-abandoned base has few specifics about what caused his wife's death or anything to ease the Dark Lord of the Sith's conscience.

Kleiner Pixel's Honkai Impact 3rd Rita Fallen Rosemary Cosplay

Kleiner Pixel is a cosplayer. You can follow her on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Detective Comics #1027

Like many of DC Comics' recent anniversary issues, Detective Comics #1027 (which marks 1,000 issues since the first appearance of the Batman in Detective Comics #27) offers a collection of stories and art featuring one of the comic industry's most beloved characters.

Monday with Emma Davies


Warrior Nun - 2 Corinthians 10:4

Finally, the heist episode. The season's penultimate episode features Ava (Alba Baptista), Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young), Mary (Toya Turner), Camila (Olivia Delcán), and Father Vincent (Tristán Ulloa) using the conclave as cover to break into the catacombs under the Vatican. Not altogether unexpected, Sister Crimson (Sinead MacInnes) and the other nuns await the former sisters. Having accepted her role as a member of the team, Ava leads the group underground while relying on them to keep her safe and conserve the Halo's power for what is to come. A joyful mix of stealth, action, and really bad puns, "Corinthians 10:4" ends with Ava entering the tomb to discover the last thing she ever expected.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Caturday with Disharmonica

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Honest Trailer

Green Hornet #2

Although they initially mistake the strange being in front of them for an alien, and the creature does everything in its power to force that assumption, Britt Reid and Kato discover the creature before them to be a British astronaut transformed through his reintroduction to Earth's atmosphere as his secret space station was destroyed by a passing spaceship.

Wednesday with Summer Soderstrom

Summer Soderstrom is an American model. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can support her on Patreon and OnlyFans.

The Umbrella Academy - The Secret Stages

When the simple plan to go home fails, Five (Aidan Gallagher) decides to throw a Hail Mary and go in search of his younger self (Sean Sullivan) who is in Dallas just prior to leaving the Commission and returning to 2019. One big obstacle is that the closer the two Fives get to each other the more each begins to show the effects of the seven stages of paradox psychosis (which gives the episode its title) putting Luther (Tom Hopper) in the middle of two increasingly paranoid and bloodthirsty time assassins. Meanwhile, Lila (Ritu Arya) convinces the Handler (Kate Walsh) to give Diego (David Castañeda) a chance with the Commission allowing Number Two to discover what causes the new apocalypse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Batman & the Outsiders #16

The story 16 issues in the making finally arrives as the Outsiders face Ra's al Ghul who plans to unleash his new weapon on the world. In "The Demon's Fire, Finale," Batman leads the Outsiders into battle but it's two of the team's members who steal the show. First, Orphan mops the floor with the League of Assassins and Black Lightning flexes his enhanced powers against the Demon's Head who offers Jefferson the opportunity to be a hero to a greater world.

Lucifer - Detective Amenadiel

After a couple of strong, but more gimmicky, episodes, Lucifer gets back to business with an episode where the murder is secondary to two larger series arcs playing out. The circumstances of the murder being at a nunnery, and Chloe (Lauren German) temporarily needing space from Lucifer (Tom Ellis), allows for Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) to step-in for an episode and help solve the crime. Discovering that the nuns are drawn to him, much like others are drawn to his brother, not only helps in the case but also allows Amenadiel to come to conclusions about his effect on humans and answer the larger question about Lucifer's effect on humans and Chloe's effect on him.

Superman #25

Since his arrival at DC Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis has offered up several intriguing stories. Unfortunately, the over-sized Superman #25 isn't one of them. Despite the extra pages (and increased price), the comic feels incomplete.

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Order - Hell Week

The two-part opener of The Order introduces us to incoming college Freshman Jack Morton (Jake Manley) who gets accepted to the prestigious private Belgrave University. Jack is less interested in a degree than using his acceptance to get initiated into a secret order within the university which both he and his grandfather (Matt Frewer) believe they can leverage to get close to the man responsible for the death of Jack's mother. What neither grandson or grandfather realize is that the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose is actually a secret coven of magic users.


SHAZAM! #14 concludes the "SHAZAM and the Seven Magic Lands" arc as Billy Batson is able to free his father from Mr. Mind's influence (but, sadly unable to to make C.C. Batson any less of a douche putting a damper on the family's victory).

The Letter for the King - Storm Clouds Gather

One episode in, The Letter for the King feels like you basic knights and destiny story of warring kingdoms and a destiny to be fulfilled. Based on the 1962 Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning by Tonke Dragt, the first episode introduces us to completely unprepared knight initiate Tiuri (Amir Wilson) who only makes it through the trials by his stepfather (David Wenham) bribing his last opponent. This doesn't earn him friendship or respect from the other initiates. Elsewhere a warmongering prince (Gijs Blom) pushes further south than any has gone before. The southern lands, where Tiuri and his mother (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) are from, are falling quickly to the prince's army. However, prophecy tells of a warrior who will turn the tide.


With 1998's Mulan, Disney animated the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan about a young woman who dresses as a man to take her father's place in the conscripted army. Making several changes to the source material, but staying true to the basic idea of the legend, we're introduced to Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) who struggles with fitting in as the perfect daughter but finds a way to serve her family by sneaking off, stealing her aging father's (Soon-Tek Oh) armor and sword, and assuming the role of a dutiful son to take his place in the upcoming war to fight off the invading Huns.

The film is primarily about Mulan's struggle to find herself while attempting to pass herself off as "Ping," eventually gaining the respect of the other soldiers and stalling the Hun invasion before her secret is exposed bringing dishonor on herself and her family. Refusing to admit defeat, Mulan returns to the city as herself to save the Emperor (Pat Morita) all with the help of a lucky cricket and an ancestral family guardian (Eddie Murphy) hoping to earn redemption. Murphy's pint-sized dragon Mushu provides the comic relief in the standard Disney sidekick role.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Batwoman - The Complete First Season

After a string of successes, it's hard to believe The CW missed the mark so badly, and so consistently, as it did with Batwoman. The show introduced us to Ruby Rose as lesbian soldier Kate Kane, the niece of Bruce Wayne, who returns to Gotham years after Batman disappeared and picks up his mantle as Gotham City's new hero.

As with every CW show, she's surrounded with a small group of friends who know her secret and support her while fighting the city's private army led by her father (Dougray Scott) and the return of her insane dead sister (Rachel Skarsten) and her creepy friend (Sam Littlefield) who plague the city.

From the start, the show was plagued with problems. While relying strongly on the sister vs. sister dynamic for much of the season, the show's writers also pull in a group of D-list Batman villains for individual episodes to flush out the season with mixed success.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Locke & Key - Ray of F*ing Sunshine

"Ray of F*ing Sunshine" provides several revelations as an old friend (Felix Mallard) of Rendell Locke begins staying with Ellie (Sherri Saum) and Rufus (Coby Bird), and both the past of Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), something Tyler (Connor Jessup) will no doubt struggle with, and the location of the Omega Key are revealed. Although Dodge has the other keys, the Locke family has the one key she wants above all others along with knowing what it unlocks (although not what is on the other side of the Black Door).

Thursday with Karrigan Taylor

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Super Dinosaur - Minimum Requirements

As things get back to normal in the Dynamo Dome, including a slam dunk challenge, the back-up plan for the incarcerated Max Maximus (Marco Soriano) goes into effect giving some leadership to the disorganized Dino-Men. Derek (Valin Shinyei) and Super Dinosaur (Mac Heywood) rescue the sole survivor of a Dino-Men attack, bringing the young man back to Earthcore for debriefing not realizing he is actually Maximus' cloned son Minimus (Sean Thomas) who immediately causes havoc and nearly breaks his father out of prison. With the two primary villains out of action, Minimus fills the void left by Maximus' defeat. As to answers about Derek's mother, we will still have to wait for answers and to see what other gambits Maximus has up his sleeve.

Stella Chuu Nier: Automata 2B Cosplay Music Video

Stella Chuu is a cosplayer, streamer, and content creator. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Etsy, and Twitter. You can also check out her official site. Video by Rescue the Princess.

Young Justice #18

Young Justice delivers a Stephanie Brown issue? After arcs involving the team coming together, getting stuck on various alternate Earths, and helping the Justice League, Young Justice #18 offers a more personal tale as Drake helps his girlfriend hunt down her father. And they aren't the only ones looking.

Alyson Tabbitha's Mystique Cosplay Tutorial

Alyson Tabbitha is a cosplayer and costume maker. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. You can also support her on Patreon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Warrior Nun - Proverbs 14:1

Using the journal of the Warrior Nuns, Ava (Alba Baptista) comes up with a plan to find the sacred relic deep within the crypts of Vatican City. To do so, she'll need the help of Jillian Salvius (Thekla Reuten), who has interest in the artifact that may allow her to open her gateway, and train with Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) to pass through walls far thicker than she has every attempted before. Finally having all the core nuns working together allows for the show to explore some internal dynamics and allow Ava to get to know the others. Beatrice's story is the episode's highlight, cementing an already burgeoning friendship between the pair, and explaining the drive behind the warrior nuns most kick-ass team member.

Black Widow #1

A new volume of Black Widow begins here. Black Widow #1 is the third different comic to bear that name since 2016. Honestly, given the fact Marvel will invariably cancel the title, ignore its events, and replace it within a year or two with a new comic from from a different creative team, selling the idea of a Black Widow comic is a bit hard to do. However, Black Widow #1 turns out to be a pretty good read even if it has some rather large flaws.

The Umbrella Academy - Öga for Öga

Despite his reservations, Five (Aidan Gallagher) kills the Temps Commission Board of Directors allowing the Handler (Kate Walsh) to seize power. The bloody sequence is one of the episode's highlights as the shortest member of the family paints the walls red. The Handler makes good on her half of the agreement as well, giving Five a 90-minute window to return his family back to their proper time and avoid the apocalypse. However, locating his family and getting them to the alley in time proves to be far too big a problem to solve as Vanya (Ellen Page) refuses to leave Sissy (Marin Ireland) and finds herself captured by local police, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is attacked by the Swedes, and Diego (David Castañeda) is kidnapped by Lila (Ritu Arya) and taken to the Temps Commission. So much for going home.

Darkwing Duck cosplay by Roquois

Monday, September 7, 2020

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #274

The penultimate issue of "Snake Hunt" is here and the action if fast and furious as the Joes and their unlikely allies battle Cobra on all fronts hoping to liberate Throwdown (who Cobra still mistakenly believe is the original Snake Eyes) from Cobra's clutches and Dr. Mindbender's evil experiments hoping to turn the Joe into an agent of Cobra.

Lucifer - It Never Ends Well for the Chicken

Once upon a time, the Devil went to New York City. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) tells Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) the story of his ring, not realizing that Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has put her up to it in order to learn more about the secret which Michael foreshadowed earlier in the season. Presented in black-and-white, the story features several of the show's stars as the Devil takes care to make it more interesting to his audience. The result is a stylish episode that both works as a standalone tale and part of the larger season arc as we see its themes creep into the storytelling from time to time. And, not least importantly, the story introduces us to Lilith, also played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, the mother of all demons.

Locke & Key - Dissection

In one of the most tense episodes of the show's First Season, Sam (Thomas Mitchell Barnet) holds the Locke family prisoner in Keyhouse Manor which ends with Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) having all the keys at her disposal. We also learn what Dodge is after whatever is behind the Black Door and needs the Head Key to discover how to open it. There are some callbacks here from earlier in the season as Kinsey (Emilia Jones) digs up her fear in order to get away from Sam and Tyler (Connor Jessup) discovers the guilt he's been carrying over his father's death is misplaced. Although Sam dies in the episode, his use of the Ghost Key does offer the opportunity for the character to return as a ghost.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Nearly 30 years after the pair's last appearance, Bill S. Preston, Esquire (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) are back. And the world could certainly use them. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey told the story of how two teenage misfits would create a song to unite the world and birth a future utopia based on their music (despite all evidence to the contrary that they are completely incapable of doing so).

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Batman: The Adventures Continue #11

Batman calls on an old friend looking for advice, but Jason Todd's current plans as the Red Hood are put on hold as Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 explores more of the tumultuous former Robin's past and the circumstances behind his final days as Robin.

Warrior Nun - Ephesians 4:22-24

Ava's (Alba Baptista) attempt to turn to science hoping for answers about what has happened to her and may not provide anything more believable than that she truly has an angel's halo in her back allowing her to fight demons, but it does reveal the true reason behind Jillian Salvius' (Thekla Reuten) research. Having exhausted other options, Ava returns to the order only to find big changes. Consolidating his power, Cardinal Duretti (Joaquim de Almeida) has let Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) go, and banished both Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) and Father Vincent (Tristán Ulloa) to the other side of the world while reinstating the sociopathic Sister Crimson (Sinead MacInnes).

Usagi Yojimbo #12

Miyamoto Usagi is offered a chance to do harm to Lord Hikiji. The lord is far too well protected to ever attack directly, as Usagi knows all too well. Instead, Kato suggests they strike at Lord Hikiji's power and weaken his reputation by denying him any further advancement. The cost? Every life in Usagi's home village.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Umbrella Academy - A Light Supper

Still not believing any of them are who they say they are, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) invites all the members of the family to a light supper in order to get down to the truth. Things go about how you would expect a Hargraves family dinner to go. Complete disaster. However, Five's (Aidan Gallagher) discussion with his father does crystallize a plan of action for him, even if it does mean making a deal with the devil. Meanwhile, while hoping to tempt Five into commuting some murders for her, the Handler (Kate Walsh) continues to play both sides by reahing out to the Swedes by offering up Diego's (David Castañeda) location who she framed for the murder of their brother.

Altered Carbon - Experiment Perilous

Discovering there is as second consciousness within Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry), Kovacs (Anthony Mackie) calls on the help of Dig 301 (Dina Shihabi) and Poe (Chris Conner) to load both of them into VR where they hope to separate and contain the second personality obsessed with killing the founders. "Experiment Perilous" offers explanation for several of the season's questions including Quell's abilities to permanently kill someone and rain down Angel Fire, a skill that Governor Danica Harlan (Lela Loren) desperately wants for herself, by revealing the second personality is actually an Elder seeking vengeance for the murder of the last of her kind. The other Kovacs (Will Yun Lee) and Jaeger (Torben Liebrecht) hacking into the VR doesn't prevent Kovacs from saving Quell but it does allow the trapped elder a means of escape back into the real world.

Angel + Spike 13

Before the new creative team begins their storyline, Angel + Spike 13 offers a single-issue story set in 1962 with Angel investigating the death of an actress he met ten years before who sold her soul for fame and glory (and also to stave off the cancer which was slowly killing her). The story is not connected the current timeline or the present in any way, but it does feature an appearance by Spike.