Sunday, July 31, 2016

Person of Interest – The Complete Fifth Season

Person of Interest's final season focuses on the the war between The Machine and Samaritan. Highlights of the shortened season include an entire episode revolving around the virtual reality nightmare a captured Shaw (Sarah Shahi) has been forced to live, Finch's (Michael Emerson) struggle to get his machine up and running, Root (Amy Acker) spending some time on conspiracy theory radio, the season premiere, Reese (Jim Caviezel) working to save a number targeted by the CIA without alerting his old boss that he's still alive, the return of Elias (Enrico Colantoni), Finch's plan to destroy Samaritan, preventing an outbreak, the team crashing a wedding, the return of The Voice, a mission in Washington D.C., and the heartwrenching 100th episode and series finale - both of which say farewell to beloved characters.

Darth Vader #23

After making his away aboard the stolen Executor, Darth Vader sabotages the heisted Star Destroyer before making his way to his confrontation with Morit outside the hull of the Executor. After dispatching his foe by Force-flicking Morit into the nearby son, Vader can continue his climb through ship to find his true prey, Cylo. However, the master of cybernetics does have one last trick up his sleeve.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Jason Bourne

Largely ignoring the events of The Bourne Legacy, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass return to the Bourne franchise. In the years since The Bourne Ultimatum Jason Bourne has become a wandering nomad and underground street fighter. With his memories restored he lacks the purpose which drove him in the first three films of the series.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures – The Test

The latest episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures offers tie-ins to both The Clone Wars animated series and The Force Awakens. On the run from Naare (Grey Griffin), the Freemakers crash land their damaged ship on Takodana where they meet both Maz Kanata (Grey Griffin) and Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings). While Maz offers a few words of advice to the kids, and a gift for Rowan (Nicolas Cantu), Hondo only gives them the difficult job of stealing Varactyl eggs to earn enough money to repair their ship.

Astro City #37

Bringing back the character of the Broken Man, introduced in the first issue of the current Astro City series, Astro City #37 gives us a peek into the unusual character's home (known as the Dream House) and offers a new story that teases possible further information about the Broken Man and his war against the Oubor in future issues.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Star Wars #21

Star Wars #21 breaks from the formula of Marvel's main Star Wars comic. Moving away from the adventures of the core characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, the latest issue focuses instead on Sgt. Kreel and his new squad of elite Stormtroopers tasked with finding and eliminating Rebel insurgents throughout the Empire.


Emma Roberts stars as Venus "Vee" Delmonico, an amalgamation of every secretly-cool high school nerd ever, whose introverted personality is tested when she chooses to sign-up for a super-secret (AKA everyone knows about it) online game of truth or dare known as NERVE.

Against the advice of her friends (Emily Meade and Miles Heizer), Vee finds freedom in the dares far away from her over-protective mother (Juliette Lewis) and drab life. Paired with the mysterious Ian (Dave Franco) by the game's Watchers, the two Players will be put through a series of increasingly bold and dangerous dares until the movie basically loses any interest in common sense or reality and devolves into a battle between the pair and the underground hacker community responsible for the game.

Starting with an interesting idea, and timed perfectly to coincide with the popularity of Pokémon GO, Nerve is a tonal nightmare that wants to be both a fun high school flick and dark techno thriller (which it doesn't have the brains or technical expertise to pull off). While the first works at times, the later leads to an unimaginative final act and questionable conclusion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Usagi Yojimbo #156

"The Secret of the Hell Screen" continues as Miyamoto Usagi and Inspector Ishida continue to investigate the odd deaths surrounding the bizarre piece of art that even the son of its creator believes is cursed and needs to be destroyed. No closer to answers, Usagi's dreams begin to make the rabbit ronin wonder if there isn't some truth to the curse of the Hell Screen. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

Preacher - Finish the Song

While Jesse (Dominic Cooper) hides out from the law and buys himself time for his big Sunday sermon, Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Emily (Lucy Griffiths) help nurse Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) back to full strength. Tulip's idea to feed the vampire animals from the local pet shop is a rather ingenious plan, but it's Emily's actions involving the Mayor (Ricky Mabe) which prove surprising. Sacrificing the needy Miles to a vampire she doesn't particularly like is a momentous choice for Emily, and one that may well haunt her for many episodes to come. As for Tulip, the experience inspires her to stop waiting for her revenge.

Green Arrow #3

Healed and ready for action, Green Arrow breaks into Queen Industries looking for answers as to why he was betrayed and left for dead. Alerting his enemies that he's very much alive, this leads to another confrontation between Ollie and Shado (who Oliver learns is working for the Ninth Circle to pay off a debt). While both Diggle and Black Canary, still unaware that Ollie is alive, continue to separately investigate the mysterious organization, Emiko helps her new employers set a trap to catch the hero.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Justice League: Gotham City Breakout

Another lukewarm entry to the LEGO DC Super Heroes line, Justice League: Gotham City Breakout features two separate stories. First, Nightwing (Will Friedle) and Batgirl (Sarah Hyland) convince Batman (Troy Baker) to finally take a vacation leaving Gotham City in the hands of Superman (Nolan North). The trip to visit his old teacher Madame Mantis (Amy Hill) unveils a plot by Deathstroke (John DiMaggio) and Bane (Eric Bauza) to use a normally peaceful underground tribe to take over the world. While providing its moments, the adventure begins to drag during its second-half.

The other storyline features Superman having more trouble with the super-villains of Gotham City than he expected. Tricked by the Joker (Jason Spisak), Superman accidentally causes a break-out at Arkham Asylum. Even calling on the help of Cyborg (Khary Payton) and Wonder Woman (Grey Griffin), the heroes struggle to stop the chaos eventually allowing Robin (Scott Menville) to show them what crime-fighting in Gotham is all about.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - I Feel the Earth Move

Picking up where the last episode left off, "I Feel the Earth Move" boils down into basically two separate fight sequences with the Guardians of the Galaxy taking on Thanos (Isaac C. Singleton Jr.) who now has control of the Cosmic Seed. The first encounter in the Himalayan Mountains doesn't turn out all too well for our heroes (although it does allow them to temporarily remove Thanos from Earth), while the second encounter in New York City puts the entire planet at risk as the heroes not only have to worry about Thanos (whose power to create tentacle vines doesn't appear as threatening as it probably should) but also Ronan (Jonathan Adams) who plans to kill Thanos by destroying the planet.

Velvet #15

Velvet #15 concludes "The Man Who Stole the World" story arc by putting Velvet Templeton face-to-face with the man who framed her as a traitor and tricked her into killing the man she loved. Unfortunately this means the series is going on hiatus, allowing writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steve Epting to work on other projects, meaning it will be the last Velvet issue we get for awhile. And for a comic this good that's disappointing news.

Killjoys - Schooled

Taking a trio of gifted Westerley children to a school located on a space station is just the cover Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore), and D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) need to track Khlyen's (Rob Stewart) final message before the destruction of Red 17. However, once they arrive it doesn't take the Killjoys long to realize something is very, very wrong with the school as its only surviving student (Ricardo Hoyos) will risk everything to make it off the station alive. Of course having the same bizarre murderous memories in his head D'Avin is unable to make sense of, and seeing the rest of his classmates murdered, does help explain the kid's distrust of every adult aboard the station.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1

Setting up the upcoming Batgirl and the Birds of Prey series, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 introduces to the three key characters of the team while explaining the past relationships of Batgirl and Black Canary. Barbara's time as Oracle stays in the continuity as does her former partnership with Black Canary. Wiped from continuity is any official Birds of Prey team featuring other members (Huntress, Zinda Blake, and others).

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane #2

The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane #2 delivers on its title as the Shadow is able to narrowly escape a trap set by the Red Empress. Unaware of the danger, or that the Shadow has already made it out safely, Margo Lane runs straight into a building about the explode and to her (less than definite) doom.

The fact that Margo dies off-panel is suggestive. Did she make it out? Was she skirted away by agents of the Red Empress? Or was she injured or trapped beneath the rubble and won't be found until later in the series? Even with the public manner of her death and the title of the comic I'm guessing there's still at least a 50-50 chance writer/artist Matt Wagner has a trick up his sleeve.

Star Trek Beyond

The third time's the charm. After a lackluster first film and a clusterfuck of a sequel, the rebooted franchise finally gets it right with Star Trek Beyond. No longer awkwardly straddling the original and new continuities, the latest Star Trek film offers a wholly original story and the first really good movie in the Star Trek franchise in 20 years.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mr. Robot - /

The two-part opening to Mr. Robot's Second Season features Elliot's (Rami Malek) attempts to ignore Mr. Robot's (Christian Slater) influence by sticking to a stringent regiment that offers him little temptation to return to the world of computers and his hacking past. The question the first two episodes ask is how long can someone run from themselves? And how long can Elliot continue to ignore his driven ID who continues to force his hand during Elliot's down time? And why is Mr. Robot so adamant about not letting Elliot know where Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) is now in a disagreement where serial murder (of the mind) is somehow a better option than cluing Elliot in on the truth?

Detective Comics #936

Betrayal is the theme of Detective Comics #936. With Batman taken down by an elite team of armored Bat-soldiers, Batwoman activates her team of Red Robin, Stephanie Brown, Clayface, and Cassandra Cain. Needing all the help she can get, Batwoman also enlists the help of her father Colonel Jacob Kane and that's when things go from bad to worse for our heroes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pretty Little Liars - Along Comes Mary

"Along Comes Mary" earns its name as Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) attempts to make amends by helping to get Alison (Sasha Pieterse) released from the mental hospital. Still reeling from revelations about her husband, and his death, Alison is further shaken by the police investigation into his disappearance (which the new A seems to be steering away from the story the Liars worked had to craft). Emily (Shay Mitchell) gets an unexpected boon from their adversary who helps her with a missed college test. The question is what with A want in return? And how does the return of Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) and Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) new friendship with Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) play into A's game?

Wonder Woman #2

The structure of this comic is going to drive me nuts. Rather than continuing the story begun in Wonder Woman #1, the second issue of the series (and all successive even-numbered issues for the foreseeable future) will focus on a retelling of the origins on Wonder Woman before she left Themyscira.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures - Race on Tatooine

Taking a job as a pit crew for a pod race on Tatooine, the Freemakers are unaware they are walking into a trap set by Graballa the Hutt (Dana Snyder) and his bounty hunters Dengar (James Patrick Stuart), Baash (John DiMaggio), and Raam (Danny Jacobs). Zander (Eugene Byrd), Kordi (Vanessa Lengies), and Rowan (Nicolas Cantu) work to stay one-step ahead of the bounty hunters, even going so far as to join the pod race.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Daredevil #9

The follow-up to last month's issue of Matt Murdock's gambling adventures in Macau features a Far East team-up between Daredevil and Spider-Man. Given his trust of Daredevil (because of the unexplained memory wipe Daredevil performed on everyone who knew his secret identity which Spider-Man can sense but not explain), Spidey does have some concerns about what his fellow vigilante is after in Macau and Hong Kong. However, that doesn't stop the fun the two have together performing a heist and then chasing the plunder Daredevil has spent a considerable amount of effort to retrieve.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - I've Been Searching So Long

In "I've Been Searching So Long" the Guardians remain on Earth searching for the Cosmic Seed in the former home of Attilan deep in the Himalayan Mountains. The closer the Guardians get the seed each begins to experience visions similar to those of Peter Quill (Will Friedle) and they will be tempted to steal the seed for themselves. The team's infighting comes at a horrible moment, allowing Ronan (Jonathan Adams) to sweep in and steal the prize. Although they Guardians are able to rally and retrieve the Cosmic Seed from their foe things take another dark turn with the arrival of Thanos (Isaac C. Singleton Jr.). Providing lots of action, the Cosmic Seed storyline wanes as the episode repeats Ronan's control over the seed with Thanos leaving a cliffhanger which suggests the Guardians will need to regroup give us a very similar episode next week.

DC Comics Super Villains: The Joker’s Last Laugh

DC Comics Super Villains: The Jokers Last Laugh collects Joker-centric episodes from Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the three-part "World's Finest" cross-over from Superman: The Animated Series featuring Batman and Superman teaming up to take down the Joker and Lex Luthor.

Collected on two-discs, highlights include the first appearance of Mark Hamill as the Joker, and Harley Quinn spending some time away from Mr. J with her new gal-pal Poison Ivy and with the Dark Knight Detective.

Preacher - El Valero

Unable to pull Euguene (Ian Colletti) back from Hell, except in a ghostly visage that only he can see and hear, and growing tired of the battle to fight off Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) and his men from taking the church, Jesse allows DeBlanc (Tom Brooke) and Fiore (Anatol Yusef) to remove Genesis from him. However, that doesn't last long as Genesis returns to its new host almost immediately, this time apparently for good.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1 is a transitionary comic to move the character of Hal Jordan from roaming nomad with a glove back to the DCU's most prominent Green Lantern. Finishing up Hal's storyline using Krona's glove, the comic features Jordan far from the remains of Oa where Sinestro and his Corps now rule. On a dead world in Space Sector 563, Jordan performs a Herculean task by using Krona's glove to forge the impossible: a new ring.

Star Wars Rebels - Season Three trailer

Although there's a definite lack of both Vader and Ahsoka, this first look at the upcoming Third Season of Star Wars Rebels shows us an older Ezra (Taylor Gray), more appearances by Maul (Sam Witwer), and the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the series. Star Wars Rebels returns this Fall.

Killjoys - Shaft

On their first off-the-books mission for Turin (Patrick Garrow), Lucy and her crew head into the Badlands to investigate a distress call from three Killjoys who found something inside a mine that the RAC wants covered up. With the help of Alvis (Morgan Kelly), the team investigates the situation only to leave with more questions than answers. In the episode's B-story Pawter (Sarah Power) finds a way to use her captor's medical condition against him and create an avenue of escape.


After learning their entire civilization is nothing more than a science experiment, first-half of the final book in the Divergent series follows Tris (Shailene Woodley), Four (Theo James), Christina (Zoë Kravitz), and Peter (Miles Teller) over the wall, through the desolate wasteland and into an advanced city run by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare (which, you guessed it, turns out to be as equally corrupt as the society they fashioned in an attempt undo centuries of genetic manipulation).

Allegiant follows the same predicable patterns of the first two films, including a major supporting character's death early on, before uniting the faction-less Chicago (which has broken into mob rule since learning the truth about the outside world) under a common purpose for next year's series finale. While finally offering a reason for the bizarre society of single-characteristic factions, Allegiant still doesn't make the premise any easier to swallow. Jeff Daniels (who I'm assuming must have a daughter who likes these books) is slumming it here as the leader of the genetic zealots behind the curtain.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Who You Gonna Let Go to Voicemail?

Writer/director Paul Feig's lazy adaptation of the much-beloved 1984 comedy Ghostbusters isn't the complete trainwreck I half-expected. The movie does have its share of laughs, and the CGI ghosts (with a couple of notable exceptions) are impressive. It's too bad the script is not. While the film offers glimmers of what could have been, we are instead left only with regrets about what is.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Batman #2

After stepping in to help Gotham and Gotham Girl stop Solomon Grundy, Batman agrees to give Gotham City's two new super-heroes a few pointers. This includes introducing the pair to Commissioner Gordon for the first time. Other than the fight at the beginning of the issue Batman #2 doesn't offer much in the way of action, but there's plenty of slow-boiling story here for Bat-fans. It also gives us the first appearance of a classic Batman villain for the first time since the Rebirth reboot. I'll be curious to see just what Hugo Strange is up to and how he ties into the monsters and suicide attacks around Gotham City. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

Killjoys - Wild, Wild Westerley

After getting D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) officially sworn back in as a member of the team, the Killjoys take a bounty allowing them entry back into the guaranteed Old Town and search for their missing friends. Their job, to hunt down eight escaped convicts, becomes easier will almost all of them turn up dead by an unusual biological weapon. Discovering their leader has another tank full of the gas with plans to use it, however, presents some problems.

Darkwing Duck #2

With Darkwing Duck trapped in the maximum security prison with all the super-villains he put away, Negaduck sits back and sends the villains after our hero one by one. Surviving battles with Liquidator, Muckduck, Ammonia Pine, the Beagle Boys, and Camille Chameleon, our hero is finally taken down by Suff-rage and the guards at her command.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Super-Villains: Justice League Masterminds of Crime

DC Comics Super-Villains: Justice League Masterminds of Crime collects four two-part animated episodes and five single standalone episodes from Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond in this two-disc set.

The set includes the Justice League taking on Amazo and the android's return to Earth, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Flash, and the Martian Manhunter fighting Despero on his homeworld, Lex Luthor putting together a Secret Society of super-villains, Grodd forming the Legion of Doom, a future Justice League adventure from Batman Beyond, and - my favorite of the collection - an episode where the Flash and Lex Luthor's brains are switched causing trouble for both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

Pretty Little Liars - Hit and Run, Run, Run

Dealing with the immediate fallout of Elliot's (Huw Collins) death, the Liars bury the doctor's body and spend the entire night and early morning attempting to wipe away any traces of their connection to his disappearance. With Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) both in shock the other Liars will have to step-up to get the job done. However, that's easier said than done as things start going wrong with the plan early as Aria (Lucy Hale) has trouble sneaking Allison back into the hospital and the weight of the night's events, plus the sudden rocky relationship with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), force Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to implode.

Green Lanterns #2

The mismatched pair of green rookie (pardon the pun) Lanterns continues as Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz struggle to work together to deal with the rage epidemic created crowds of rage-fueled rioters (including Jessica's sister Sara).

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures - Crossing Paths

After an encounter with a squadron of Imperial T.I.E. Fighters leaves their Y-Wing damaged, Luke Skywalker (Eric Bauza) and Leia Organa (Julie Dolan) head to the nearest repair facility which just so happens to be owned by the Freemakers. With Naare (Grey Griffin) back on Coruscant for a performance review with Darth Vader (Matt Sloan) and the Emperor (Trevor Devall) all the Rebels have to deal with is a runaway ship Luke, Rowan (Nicolas Cantu), and R0-GR (Matthew Wood) get stuck on and a station full of Imperials searching for Leia.

iZombie - The Complete Second Season

iZombie's Second Season continues the always entertaining misadventures of zombie assistant medical examiner Liv Moore (Rose McIver) eating brains, having visions, and helping to close unsolved murders. Ongoing stories include Liv and Major (Robert Buckley) giving their relationship a second chance, the search for tainted Utopium, and Blaine (David Anders) going from zombie and human and back again (and back again).

Highlights of Season Two include Major (Robert Buckley) reverting to a zombie and being outed as the Chaos killer, Liv on horny librarian, frat boy, and stripper brains, murder on a zombie television show, Liv thrown in prison, the return of Peyton (Aly Michalka), and the season finale where all hell breaks loose at Max Rager's big bash.

Preacher - He Gone

"He Gone" includes multiple flashbacks to Jesse's (Dominic Cooper) childhood, his friendship with Tulip (Ruth Negga), their separation, and the all-important promise Jesse made to his father (Nathan Darrow) one fateful night after the boy's prayer was answered. These scenes help to inform the friendship between the pair as well as Jesse's shock and seeing his wishes suddenly granted following his union with Genesis. Although he shows shock at what he did to Eugene (Ian Colletti), Jesse shows no remorse for his actions - even after being confronted by Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) who witnessed the event.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - Welcome Home

The search for the Cosmic Seed leads Peter Quill (Will Friedle) and Cosmo (James Arnold Taylor) to Earth with Korath (Dave Fennoy) on their heels. Separated from the rest of the Guardians, Star Lord and the telepathic dog will have to deal with Korath and his soldiers alone with their only help coming from Peter's childhood bully. Cosmo is one of my favorite Guardians, so it's nice to see him back in action here. Despite his army, Korath continues to be a rather uninteresting villain. Quill's return home, however, does have its moments, especially concerning Cosmo's attempts to blend in and later following the arrival of the rest of the Guardians.

Wander Over Yonder - The Robomechabotatron

Voltron fans should go crazy for "The Robomechabotatron." Seeking anything to stop Dominator's (Noël Wells) destruction of the galaxy leads both Wander (Jack McBrayer) & Sylvia (April Winchell) and Lord Hater (Keith Ferguson) & Peepers (Tom Kenny) to seek out the legendary unstoppable Mecha known as Robomechabotatron. Realizing that all four of them will have to work together to properly operate the giant robot doesn't stop Hater and Peepers from working against Sylvia. Eventually realizing that Dominator is the greater threat, everyone agrees to work together... except Wander (who has objections to fighting).

Moon Knight #4

Marc Spector may have escaped the asylum, but another person will pay the cost as his longtime friend Frenchie is cut down by another of agent of Seth. Back in New York with Marlene, who has either contracted Marc's same illness or has begun to see behind the veil of Seth's manipulations, the pair run into the most unexpected adversary of all to set up next month's conclusion of the comic's opening arc.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Killjoys - Dutch and the Real Girl

Season Two of Killjoys opens with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and John (Aaron Ashmore) attempting to mount a rescue mission and retrieve D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) from Khlyen (Rob Stewart). When their first attempt is unsuccessful, they set out to get the help they need. With the assistance of Pree (Thom Allison) the pair are able to get into the outlaw town of Eulogy in an attempt to find the one piece of tech which will allow Lucy to break through the impenetrable shields of the moon of Arkyn where D'Avin is being experimented on.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Green Arrow #2

Betrayed, shot, thrown into the ocean, and left for dead, the deconstruction and rebuilding of Oliver Queen starts here in Green Arrow #2. With the world believing he's dead, his name besmearched, and his company and fortune taken from him, Ollie awakes from two weeks after his encounter with Emiko and Shado. Still suffering from his injuries, and unable to resume his life as Oliver Queen, instead he throws on his super-hero gear and returns to action as Green Arrow.

Saturday with Shantel

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Top Ten Movies of 2016 (so far)

2016 is now half over which means it's time to look back at the best of what we've seen released so far this year. The list includes four super-hero films, a few unrepentant killers, three animated movies, five sequels, one Oscar winner, and two appearances from the Dark Knight Detective (although not from his disappointing big-screen battle with the Big Blue Boy Scout). So, what made the list? Head over to RazorFine to see my list of the Best Movies of 2016 so far.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2

I do have to wonder if this is the second issue Marvel Comics and writer Nick Spencer had planned. I have no doubt the story existed, but given the backlash of the first issue I am curious as to whether this story was fast-tracked as it gives away pretty much every secret of the new series in only its second issue.

Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video

Darth Vader #22

In this issue Darth Vader fights a Rancor. And not just a Rancor, but a cybernetically-engineered monster sent by its creator to slow Vader down. What more could you want?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pretty Little Liars - The Talented Mr. Rollins

"The Talented Mr. Rollins" marks a major turning point in the season. Thwarted by Elliot (Huw Collins) and unable to prove that the doctor is responsible for Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) deteriorating condition, the Liars focus on learning more about their adversary. Not only do they discover how his use of drugs is making Alison appear insane, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) also discover the good doctor's motive by uncovering his secret relationship with Charlotte. Despite Spencer (Troian Bellisario) choosing not to involve Toby given his engagement party, Emily (Shay Mitchell) does just that. However, given the events of the end of the episode it's a choice that all of the Liars may live to regret (and likely Officer Cavanaugh as well).