Thursday, February 28, 2013

Psych - Santabarbaratown 2

In the conclusion to last season's cliffhanger Henry (Corbin Bernsen) fights for his life in the hospital, and deals with the unwanted affection of Chelsea (Arden Myrin), and a sleep-deprived and destructive Shawn (James Roday), with the help of Gus (Dulé Hill), searches for his father's old friend Jerry Carp (Max Gail), who shot Henry and left him for dead. After finding a secret room in the man's house and clues to continue searching, but also being caught in the act of breaking "half his house" by Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and Lassie (Timothy Omundson), Shawn once again promises to leave the case to the SBPD.

Arrow - Dead to Rights

Assassins start hitting town once Moira (Susanna Thompson) puts a hit out on Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) to prevent his bloody vision of a new Starling City, the mysterious "undertaking," from coming to pass. Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) dispatches a Spaniard (George Tchortov) in the episode's opening scene, but with China White (Kelly Hu) recruiting Deadshot (Michael Rowe) back into the game to join her team not every threat will be dealt with so easily.

Eden trailer

Based on a true story, Jamie Chung stars as a 19 year-old girl abducted by human traffickers who begins working for them as she struggles to survive. Beau BridgesScott MechlowiczMatt O'LearyErnie JosephGrace ArendsTracey Fairaway, and Naama Kates also star. Eden opens in theaters on March 20th.

The Lying Game - Bride and Go Seek

Everyone gathers for Theresa (Yara Martinez) and Dan's (Tyler Christopher) wedding, everyone except for the missing bride-to-be who no one has seen since she left her engagement party early for her late night stakeout. Dan and Ethan (Blair Redford) begin searching for Theresa, but all they find is an empty apartment, her wedding ring, and other signs which point to her leaving town. Tensions continue to rise between both Ted (Andy Buckley) and Kristin (Helen Slater) and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) and Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) as each man continues to spend time with each other's wife.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White Collar - The Original

Big changes are afoot as White Collar Division meets their new boss (Emily Procter) and Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) begin working together to find Ellen's (Judith Ivey) evidence now that Peter knows Neal only lied to him under pressure from Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen). Visting an art gallery to test the validity of other piece brings Neal's attention to what he  believes is an expensive forgery of a recently deceased artist. With nothing more concrete than Neal's hunch Agent Callaway (Procter) orders Peter to move on to another case and give her "a quick, high-profile case to impress the Bureau."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19

Your enjoyment of the current storyline of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is most likely tied directly to your feelings about the Neutrinos. The latest issue continues the Turtles adventures in Dimension X as the foursome agree to help Princess Trib and her forces rescue her parents who have been captured by General Krang.

As Leonardo and Raphael split up to help the effort, Michelangelo drafts himself as the Princess' protector, and Donatello works to help Professor Honeycutt with the one weapon that could turn the tide of their war with Krang.

The comic also gives us (not nearly enough) scenes of Karai's own mission as the Shredder's daughter sneaks onto Burnow Island causing mischief and mayhem on Krang's home base on Earth. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19 isn't bad, but it's an awful lot of Neutrino politics and set-up for a battle that's barely begun before the comic comes to a close. In fact you could probably skip this issue entirely and not skip a beat picking the comic up again next month. For fans.

[IDW, $3.99]

Pretty Little Liars - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As Hanna (Ashley Benson) deals with the fallout from her mother (Laura Leighton) running over Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) with her car, and tries her best to convince her mother not to take any drastic action that she may later regret, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally comes clean to Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) about discovering that Toby (Keegan Allen) has been working for A. Spencer's revelation is followed shortly thereafter a warning left on her doorstep that one of her friends will pay the price for Spencer sharing her secret.

Fables #126

Although Bigby and Stinky's road trip to find the missing cubs continues, the majority of the latest issue of Fables centers on Snow White dealing with the completely unexpected return of Prince Brandish who takes over the castle and plans to kill Bigby, murder Bigby and Snow White's children, and then finally make Snow his wife (as he believes is his right under the law).

This isn't a great issue for the women of Fables. Although she finally shows a single moment of spunk, Snow White is basically nothing more here than your basic damsel in distress for the entire issue. And Brandish makes short work of Briar Rose whose attempts to stick up for her friend gets her bitch-slapped into unconsciousness by the chauvinist pig.

Fables #126 also includes a story centering around Beast, the Blue Fairy, and Geppeto that I found a little hard to follow. It obviously involves a contract between the Blue Fairy and Geppetto, but what the Beast's role is (not to mention the complete absence of Beauty) was a little hard to follow. Hit-and-Miss.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Justice League of America #1

Nearly everything about his comic comes from a ridiculous premise and bad (and do I mean BAD) ideas. After having cancelled Justice League International, and still desperate for a second Justice League team working inside the DCU, the New 52 launches their brand spanking new Justice League of America.

The premise is simple (and basically ripped off nearly completely from Justice League Unlimited with all the best parts taken out). Amanda Waller (who's lost a lot of weight since the reboot) and Steve Trevor decide to put together a team they can control, market, and use as a last result if the real Justice League goes bad.

Under that premise you'd expect some heavy-hitters. After all, if these guys are the last line of defense against Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the rest, you'd expect some top-shelf talent. You'd be wrong. Instead Waller and Trevor put together a laughable list of C-list and D-list heroes who'd struggle taking on Keith Giffen's Justice League Antarctica, let alone the current New 52 version.

Castle - Hunt

"Hunt" picks up where last week's cliffhanger left off with Agent Harris (Dylan Walsh) and the FBI analyzing the Skype call Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) made from Paris to narrow their search for the two kidnapped girls. The kidnappers finally make contact demanding €15 million from Sara's parents (Bernard WhiteKatherine Kamhi) for the safe return of Sara (Karen David) and Alexis. When something goes wrong with the money drop in Paris and only Sara is returned, and with no reason for the kidnappers to keep his daughter alive, Castle (Nathan Fillion) goes all Taken and heads to Paris to find his daughter.

The Shadow: Year One #1 (of 8)

The Shadow has been around, in one form or another, since 1930. A vigilante with the power to cloud men's minds, a skill he picked up during his time in the Far East. Over the years different writers have added pieces to the character's past, but with Dynamite Entertainment's new series writer Matt Wagner and artist Wilfredo Torres delve into the origins of the character that have been largely shrouded in mystery for more than 80 years.

After a few panels of the mysterious Cambodian warrior Ying Ko, the series starts off in earnest with Lamont Cranston's return to New York after several years abroad. The comic also introduces Margo Lane (and here Wagner takes a page out of Frank Miller's handbook making The Shadow's faithful companion a high-priced whore for a New York gangster).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume


House of Lies - Family Values

After his boss tries to kill his deal with U.S. National Bank behind Marty's (Don Cheadle) back, things between Marty and Galweather Stearn's new CEO (Bess Armstrong) come to a head at a company team-building retreat when he decides to cut out early to keep his promise to see Roscoe's (Donis Leonard Jr.) inappropriate school dance performance. Back at the retreat, Doug (Josh Lawson) begins see the Pod in an entirely new light after they meet Sarah (Jenny Slate), especially after Clyde (Ben Schwartz) comes onto her at the pool and Clyde and Jeannie (Kristen Bell) bully Doug into looking like a fool in a competition with another team during one of the team-building exercises.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nova #1

Writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness give us a solid (although at times somewhat confusing) first issue as Marvel NOW! sets out to relaunch Nova with a new hero under the helmet. Part of the problem with Nova #1 is that it has to introduce not one Nova, but two. Had the Loeb been able to fit Sam Alexander's story into the already existing Nova history (rather than show us that his drunken father was once a member of the Nova Corps so forgettable he had never appeared in any issue in the Marvel Universe until now).

On the plus side Sam is likable enough (although does Marvel really need more angsty teenage heroes with parental issues?), and the comic does include an appearance by Rocket Raccoon and Gamora (that will nearly always earn you some points in my book). The structure of the comic, though confusing given none of these characters are familiar, actually works well as Sam's dad relates his experiences in space to Sam's younger sister in a series of bedtime stories Sam has gotten too old to believe in anymore.

Daredevil #23

With only hours left before Foggy hears his test results, Daredevil takes his friend on a whirlwind journey around the rooftops of New York City (which includes the hero's favorite spot in the city). Attempting to brighten his friend's mood is put on hold when Daredevil is forced to deal with a small army of thieves all of whom appear to have been experimented on in an attempt to recreate the exact events that gave Daredevil his powers.

The bad guys are an interesting, if a bit bizarre, addition to the mastermind attacking Daredevil from all angles. It's the scenes between Matt and Foggy, finally out of the poorly conceived distrust for each other, that work the best. The comic ends with Foggy learning the truth of his condition which could mean serious ramifications for the lawyer in the months and years to come.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Larfleeze

Ignoring orders to return to Oa and needing a new weapon in their war with the Manhunters, Hal Jordan (Josh Keaton), Kilowog (Kevin Michael Richardson), and Razer (Jason Spisak) set off for the planet Okaara in search of the Orange Lantern Power Battery. However, the battery is protected by Larfleeze (Dee Bradley Baker) - the universe's only Orange Lantern who really, really doesn't like to share.

Young Justice #25

Young Justice comes to an end with the final issue that wraps up the lingering stories of two different alien attacks on Earth at the same time, a political assassination involving Deadshot, Metropolis being cut-off from the rest of the world, and a closer look at Dick Grayson's relationship with Barbara Gordon.

As final issues go there's a legitimate threat (or two) that concern the fate of the Earth and some nice personal moments thrown in for good measure to. The asssination attempts, which take place five years apart, continue to be the weak link (and the first attempt, which is finally abandoned here, is pretty much a complete waste of time).

Of the two alien stories, Braniac's works far better although both seem to reach rushed conclusions far earlier than either had planned. There are also plenty of threads left dangling with no hope of resolution. However, the scenes between Dick and Babs are pretty damn good, and the various stories continue to allow multiple characters to each find their moment in the sun. Is it a great finale? Not really, but fans should enjoy it.

[DC, $2.99]

Nikita - Black Badge

When proof of Madeline Pierce's (Alberta Watson) involvement with Division, which could only have come from Amanda's (Melinda Clarke) black box, makes it to acting Director of the CIA Morgan Hendrick (Brian Howe) the team rallies to keep Hendrick safe, believing he is Amanda's target. Meanwhile, Ryan (Noah Bean) has to decide what to do about the plucky young analyst (Amanda Schull) who discovered the intelligence, and Nikita (Maggie Q), Michael (Shane West), and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) continue to discuss what action to take given the four missions the White House has given Division.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kill For Me

Would you kill for someone you just met? Kill For Me starts out as a basic thriller involving a pair of new roommates, Amanda (Katie Cassidy) and Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos), involved in some PG-13 college lesbian experimentation and the accidental killing of Amanda's abusive ex-boyfriend (Ryan Robbins). Despite the fact the death is an open-and-shut case of self-defense the two girls decide to hide the body. And that's where things begin going downhill very quickly.

Kill For Me devolves into a series of twists, each more inexplicable and illogical than the last, as Hailey's true motives become harder to discern as she goes to extreme lengths to blackmail her roommate and lover into helping Hailey seduce and kill her abusive father (Donal Logue). Given it's ridiculous final hour the film's only saving grace is it's relatively short running time (95 minutes).

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

Set immediately following the events of Death of the Family, the latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws returns its main character (whose been conspicuous by his absence the last couple of months) as Jason Todd says his goodbyes around Wayne Manor before leaving with Starfire and Arsenal.

Not only does the Red Hood return here but the comic returns the focus of issue to Todd which makes quite a bit of sense as the former Robin talks with the current version, Dick Grayson, Alfred, and finally Batman himself before he's finally ready to hit the road. I like all those conversations as well as Damian and Arsenal fighting to prove who is the more juvenile of the pair.

Red Hood has been a complicated character well before the New 52 in finding the right balance with the character's deadly intentions and still honoring his past as Robin. For this issue writer Scott Lobdell gets it right which makes the comic's twist all the more surprising as the Joker left our protagonist one final present which may have lasting effects on the Red Hood's role going forward. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

Elementary - Possibility Two

After making short work of the latest double homicide brought to him from Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill), Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is offered employment by a philanthropist (Dennis Boutsikaris) who wants Holmes' to find the murderer he believes gave him the incurable illness which is slowly destroying his mind before eventually killing him. After initially turning down the potential client, Holmes has second thoughts when the police arrest the man for the murder of  his driver (Steven Hauck).

Person of Interest - Relevance

The latest number delivered by The Machine turns out to be operative Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi) who works for a shadowy government agency to hunt down and stop terrorist threats discovered by The Machine. Sam's life is compromised when her partner (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) begins questioning where the numbers come from, leading the pair to be set-up by "Control" and marked for death. I'm sad to know that Fairly Legal won't be coming back for a third season, but I'm happy to see Shahi sink her teeth into a role like this with the promise of more appearances to come.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Robot & Frank

Set in the near future, Frank Langella stars as a a grumpy old ex-jewel thief with early onset Alzheimer’s who learns valuable lessons about life, friendship, and family when his resentful son (James Marsden) and absentee daughter (Liv Tyler) procure for their old man a personal robot.

At first Frank is resistant to the idea of sharing his home with a robot, but when he discovers his computerized friend (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) has all the skills necessary to help him resume his criminal past he warms to the idea rather quickly. Susan Sarandon also has a small role as the town's librarian, and Frank's love interest.

Langella's performance is the standout of the piece in this in this cute but schmaltzy tale that stumbles at times with bigger themes. The film works best when it focuses on Frank's ability to manipulate those around him, including his robot, to always get what he wants. Robot & Frank is a flawed but nonetheless enjoyable film fans of offbeat heist films (such as myself) may enjoy. For more read my original review.

G.I. JOE #1

G.I. JOE comes out of the shadows as IDW relaunches all their G.I. JOE related titles beginning here with a somewhat less covert team than we've seen in the past. General Joe Colton introduces Duke and acknowledges the existence of the JOE's to the media before sending Duke and his team to to a media friendly mission to Warrenton, Ohio, where Cobra has established a chemical weapons plant.

For his team, and to fit under the Pentagon's regulations of a proper mix of gender, ethnicity, and skill sets to market around and fulfill the mission, Duke chooses Roadblock, Quick Kick, Tunnel Rat, Cover Girl, Shipwreck, and Doc (each who has been given a new look and codenames by marketing a public affairs to enhance their likability - much to Shipwreck's chagrin). He's also saddled with including the JOE's embedded blogger Hashtag.

Community - Conventions of Space and Time

While taking elaborate steps to hide the current state of his relationship with Britta (Gillian Jacobs) from Abed (Danny Pudi), and failing, Troy (Donald Glover), Abed, Jeff (Joel McHale), Britta, and Annie (Alison Brie) head out to the InspecTiCon to celebrate the pair's favorite show: Inspector Spacetime. Troy becomes jealous and suspicious of Abed's new pen-pal Toby Davies (Chris Tallman), a rabid Inspector Spacetime fan whom he's never mentioned before, with an unbelievable backstory. Britta counsels Troy to keep the crazy inside and "go all psycho-girlfriend" with Toby, but that's far easier said than done.

The Big Bang Theory - The Monster Isolation

After his latest dating disaster in which Lucy (), the cute girl he met in the comic book store, never comes back from the bathroom and ditches him on their date, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) stops answering his phone, stops going to work, and locks himself in his apartment. Despite Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg), and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) showing up to offer their concern, and Lucy leaving her number for Raj at the comic book store, the astrophysicist vows never again to leave his apartment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Star Wars #2

As Princess Leia puts together her stealth squadron to find the Rebellion a new home base and smoke out the Imperial spy in their midst, Han Solo and Chewie run into a little trouble when Boba Fett shows up in the middle of their scheduled rendezvous. That Han is able to allude Fett (and the Star Destroyer that shows up as reinforcements for the bounty hunter) is no surprise, but the final destination of Coruscant certainly makes you wonder just what kind of mission Solo and his Wookiee companion have been given.

This issue introduces us to the members of Leia's team, who will work in secret and separately from the rest of the Rebellion. Along with Leia the team consists of Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Rus Kal, Prithi, Falback Kord, Tess Alder, Ardana Cinn, and Gramm Cortess.

Although we don't get an appearance by Darth Vader here we do get a short scene with Col. Bircher taking over command of the Star Destroyer Devastator to hunt down and kill as many Rebels as possible as the Dark Lord of the Sith finds himself reassigned on a special mission for the Emperor. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness – The Secret Museum of Kung Fu

In an attempt to stop the bickering among his students, and fulfill a lifetime wish of their master, Shifu (Fred Tatasciore), Po (Mick Wingert), and the Furious Five set out on a road trip using Mr. Ping's (James Hong) noodle mobile and a secret map to find the lost Secret Museum of Kung Fu. Aside from continuing to get on each others nerves the travelers also have to deal with the dangers inherent to their journey as well as Heilang (Maurice LaMarche) and the Lin Kuei who follow the Kung Fu warriors hoping to steal powerful, and expensive, Kung Fu artifacts from the museum.


Snitch is perplexing. Despite the promise of Dwayne "It's Okay to Call Me The Rock Again" Johnson, plenty of action, and a poster that's oddly similar to the The Rock's last action flick, what writer/director Ric Roman Waugh and co-writer Justin Haythe deliver is a character study that's short on action and a treatise whose true purpose is to lecture the audience on the the evils of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug-related crimes.

Despite being the most physically intimidating figure in the entire film, The Rock's role is written as a upper-middle class suburban dad with little to no experience with violence. The Rock's part seems obviously written for a schlub (Paul Giamatti would have made for far more natural casting). Choosing The Rock for a heavily dramatic role that doesn't acknowledge, let alone make use of, his natural assets as an action star may allow the wrestler turned actor to broaden his breadth of work, but it's just one of many odd choices Snitch makes during it's nearly two-hour running time (which is about half-an-hour too long).

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Arrow - Dodger

A new jewel thief known as Dodger (James Callis), with a nasty habit of forcing others to commit his crimes through intimidation and explosive collars, begins hitting the wealthy elite of Starling City. With Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) very much on the fence about joining the team, Oliver (Stephen Amell) targets Dodger to prove he cares about more than just the names on his father's list. Meanwhile Moria (Susanna Thompson) reaches out to an old friend (Chin Han) in an attempt to extricate herself from the secret group and the upcoming "undertaking" which they both agree has gotten out of hand.

The Lying Game - Regrets Only

After spending the night with Thayer (Christian Alexander) Emma (Alexandra Chando) is forced to deal with Ethan's (Blair Redford) hurt feelings and is still reeling from the realization that Ted (Andy Buckley) is her birth father and the most likely suspect in Derek's murder. Sutton (Chando) continues to play dumb about not knowing Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) is the twin's birth mother, although she begins to second guess all of Rebecca's maneuverings. and Emma's distrust of her sister keeps her from spilling the beans about her suspicions about Ted.

Ali Brie Raps on Jimmy Fallon

Promoting Community's return to the air Alison Brie stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the show's fourth season and do a little freestyle rapping.

Pretty Little Liars - Hot Water

Jason (Parker Bagley) disappearance from the hospital has all four of the Liars on edge. Aria (Lucy Hale) returns home to discover Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) has taken off in the night and Ezra (Ian Harding) has returned, Ezra's return also means the return of his mother (Mary Page Keller) who continues to play with her son's life by trying to evict the mother of his child from her apartment building and plant seeds in Aria's mind about how much more complicated her relationship with Ezra is now that he knows he has a child.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Collar - Shoot the Moon

Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) enlists Neal's (Matt Bomer) help to protect Marie Antoinette's original perfume on display at a gala as Peter (Tim DeKay) and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) plan a romantic weekend out of town. However everyone's plans are put on hold when the gala is robbed by a Bonnie and Clyde pair of thieves (Jessica McNameeJackson Rathbone) who take the Burkes hostage.

Uncanny X-Men #1

The new volume of Uncanny X-Men quickly gets readers up to speed on the fallout of AvX and the current state of Cyclops and his team of renegade X-Men. Told entirely from the perspective of a member of Cyclops' team to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Maria Hill, writer Brian Michael Bendis gives us an inside look at Scott's new role and growing popularity to those outside the United States Government.

Cyclops has been busy rebuilding a new group of soldiers which already includes a healer, a sorcerer, and a woman who is learning to control time to go along with Emma Frost and Magneto. We also learn that the Phoenix was rather unkind to those who it took over. Cyclops has lost the ability to control his optic blast and Magneto's powers are diminished.

Hawaii Five-0 - Pa'ani

Pro Bowl weekend brings football fever to the island as Danny (Scott Caan), McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), and Kamekona (Taylor Wily) procure seats for the big game. It also brings out a threeway rivalry between the Jet Fan (Danny), the Redskin fan (McGarrett), and Catherine (Michelle Borth) who it turns out is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. There's also a murder to solve when one of the tourists at a tactical ops fantasy camp in O'ahu is shot by a killer who snuck into the simulation with live ammunition.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Castle - Target

While investigating a murder of a 24 year-old University of Colombia Freshman with a a full armory, military training, and professional surveillance gear, Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) discover the kidnapping of the daughter (Karen David) of a wealthy Middle Eastern business man (Bernard White). The case takes a very personal turn when Castle discovers Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) was with the missing young woman at a science lecture the night of the abduction and hasn't been seen since.

Fatale #12

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips return with another one-shot offering us a glimpse of another fatale in 13th Century France as a young witch is tortured and burned at the stake by a religious order only to survive in the company by a hermit in the woods named Ganix.

The hermit takes in Mathilda and nurses her back to health and allows her to live with him in the obscurity of his modest home deep in the undergrowth for years before members of the order eventually find her and set a trap that's all too easily sprung.

Mathilda's tale is an interesting one, and I enjoyed it, but a single issue is about all that's required to delve into it completely. The late twist works well seeing another woman like Josephine deal with her effect on the world and those who want to use her to their own ends adds to the overall story arc as well. Worth a look.

[Image, $3.50]

How can you go wrong with Booster Golden Crisp?

House of Lies - Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in this Business

Marty's younger brother Malcolm (Larenz Tate) returns after three years for an awkward family dinner with Marty (Don Cheadle), Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.), and Jeremiah (Glynn Turman), and to be in all-around pain in Marty's ass. For their day jobs at Galweather, Jeannie (Kristen Bell) and Doug (Josh Lawson) travel to San Diego to pitch a dating website while Marty and Clyde (Ben Schwartz) fly to Chicago to sit down with an executive (Michael McDonald) with U.S. National Bank over the company's latest kerfuffle.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mentalist - Red in Tooth and Claw

The CBI head to the NorCal State University Museum of Natural History when the remains of a missing doctoral student in ornithology are discovered, half-eaten by flesh-eating worms. Jane (Simon Baker) and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) talk with a the student's advisor (Zuleikha Robinson), one of her professors (Rob Benedict), and some of the victim's fellow graduate students (Samantha Quan, Rosalie Ward, Casey Graf) learning the victim was well-liked but also envied for landing a prestigious grant that would cover the cost of her tuition and studies.

Fast & Furious 6 trailer

Ready to get faster and even more furious? All the major players are back as Hobbs (Dwayane "It's Okay To Call Me The Rock Again" Johnson) recruits Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team (Paul WalkerGal GadotJordana BrewsterTyrese GibsonLudacrisSung Kang) to take down another group of drivers which includes an old friend (Michelle Rodriguez). Luke EvansKim KoldJoe TaslimGina Carano, and Elsa Pataky also star. Fast & Furious 6 races into theaters on May 24th.

Scarlet Spider #14

The Scarlet Spider comic makes a couple of big changes with issue #14, changes I'm not on-board with and hope are temporary. The comic begins with the death of Kaine at the hands of Carlos and Esmeralda Lobo who continue to chase Aracely through Houston. The comic ends with Kaine's rebirth as something... new.

As Aracely runs across the city and gets a local gang to take on the werewolf siblings on her behalf for encroaching on their turf, Kaine is stuck in limbo talking with Ero who agrees to bring Kaine back to life if he stops acting like a man and embraces his true nature. Willing to risk anything to save Aracely, Kaine agrees to the bargain only to come out of a cocoon looking far more monster than man. My reaction can best be summed up in a single panel.

I really hope Kaine's transformation lasts only and issue or two as I'm far less interested in reading about a spider-monster assassin than Kaine's attempt to redeem himself and do honor to the name of the Scarlet Spider. Even a short cameo by Ben Reilly can't save this one. Pass.

[Marvel, $2.99]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #18

Buffy, Illyria, and Koh work together to take down Severin, but things get a little complicated when they discover what he's after (Illyria's power) and why (to rip apart the fabric of space and time and change the past to save his girlfriend's life).

The issue also includes Xander's growing frustration with Dawn's mysterious illness (which apparently is leading to another "let's trap Dawn in another goofy body" storyline), and the continuing misadventures of Billy the would-be Slayer who continues to investigate Buffy's disappearance that left Billy and Detective Dowling at the mercy of a mob of zompires.

The Billy story aside, the comic works well as Severin's motives (if not his logic) are easily understood and Illyria's ego certainly hasn't been damaged too much for her time in Los Angeles. However, the last few panels make me a little concerned that the old one's time in Season Nine may be very short-lived. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Love is a Battlefield

Aya (Grey DeLisle) and the army of Manhunters arrive on Zamaron fueled by Aya's hate and blaming the Star Sapphires for the pain she feels from the heartbreak of knowing Razer (Jason Spisak) can never truly love her. In need of a champion the Zamarons call on the help of Carol Ferris (Jennifer Hale) to stand-in as their champion in a battle against Atrocitus (Jonathan Adams).

Morning Glories #24

The latest super-sized issue of Morning Glories centers around Ike's relationship with his estranged father Abraham. Over the course of the issue we're shown several flashbacks of Ike and his father including the first time the young man murdered him.

With Abraham now a prisoner of Mr. Gribbs, the Morning Glories Academy stooge tries to pressure Ike into killing his father again (this time a little more permanently) by threatening the life of Jade should he refuse. By the end of the issue Ike's cunning wins out, but it also leaves both Jade and his father in a precarious situation as the young man demands the answers to questions that have been kept from him his entire life.

Although Morning Glories #24 doesn't answer any of the big questions the series has kept under wraps for two years it does provide some background to Ike and one hell of a cliffhanger that should promise real answers whenever the comic returns to this storyline. Worth a look.

[Image, $3.99]

Scandal - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" picks up ten months after Olivia (Kerry Washington) turned down Senator Davis' (Norm Lewis) marriage proposal and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) learned the truth that Olivia, Justice Thornton (Debra Mooney), Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry), and Mellie (Bellamy Young) rigged the election in his favor and turned his back on Olivia and chose to stay with his wife. As the President deals with four Americans spies kidnapped abroad by an Al Qaeda terrorist cell Olivia Pope & Associates get a new client when David Rosen (Joshua Malina) wakes up with a dead woman in his bed and the police knocking at his door.

Elementary - Details

To Watson's (Lucy Liu) increased consternation Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) has become obsessed with improving the good doctor's self-defense following the altercation last week which nearly got her killed through setting up martial arts appointments for Watson and staging "guerrilla-style tests" of her ability to fight back. Meanwhile, the detective is called in to consult on a drive-by shooting whose intended target was Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill).

Glee - I Do

As Mr. Shuester (Matthew Morrison) returns to McKinley and finalizes plans for his upcoming wedding with Emma (Jayma Mays), several old members of New Directions (Lea MicheleChris ColferNaya RiveraDianna AgronAmber Riley) return for the big day. However, there is some trouble between the bride and Will's best man after a lonely and confused Finn (Cory Monteith) kisses Emma days before the wedding.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Person of Interest - Booked Solid

In attempting to save the latest number delivered by The Machine, a Serbian refugee working as a Manhattan hotel maid (Mía Maestro), Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) may have bitten more than they can chew as they pair are surrounded by suspects including hundreds of guests and hotel staff, any one of which could be the potential killer. While working as a bellhop, Reese runs into a former Person of Interest, Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco), who has her own business in the hotel.

Ame-Comi Girls #5 (featuring Supergirl)

After a brief introduction of the destruction of Krypton, the final issue of Ame-Comi Girls picks up from last month's cliffhanger as Power Girl and the newly arrived Supergirl fight against a female force of Manhunters is put on hold by the arrival of Brainiac.

The Manhunters free the two Kryptonians to help prevent the destruction of Earth and get a little help with the arrival of the Flash, Steel, Catwoman, and Robin. However, things get far more complicated when Braniac bends Supergirl to her will with the use of Black Kryptonite (and a costume quick change) and sends Supergirl out to stop the heroes.

Once again this all-female version of the DCU provides tons of action and a sense of craziness and goofiness missing in far to much of the New 52. The issue ends with the promise of an all new series beginning next week and a Dark Supergirl/Wonder Woman throwdown to kick things off. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

Community - Paranormal Parentage

On the way to Vicki's Halloween party the Study Group makes a detour to Pierce's (Chevy Chase) mansion after learning their friend has locked himself in his panic room after seeing a ghost of his father. Already dressed in their costumes, the group shows up only to have to search the dark and creepy house for the code necessary to release him from the panic room against Jeff's (Joel McHale) objections who believes the entire situation reeks of one of Pierce's usual set-ups.

The Big Bang Theory - The Tangible Affection Proof

The arrival of Valentine's Day makes Leonard (Johnny Galecki) work to plan the perfect night out for Penny (Kaley Cuoco) who has never had a good Valentine's Day, but things go quickly downhilll when they are joined by Howard (Simon Helberg) and a grmpy overworked Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). Discovering that one of Penny's former cheating boyfriends and her friend who he dumped Penny for, are dining (and getting engaged) in the same restaurant only further complicates the evening.