Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stroker Ace

“Who gives a cluck?”

Burt Reynolds stars as hot-shot race car driver Stroker Ace whose talent for winning is only surpassed by his inability to get along with his sponsors.

After burning bridges with every other race team Stroker finds himself forced to sign with fried chicken franchise mogul Clyde Torkle (Ned Beatty) who gets the most out of his new star attraction by parading him around like a prized bird (sometimes literally).

Unable to get out of the binding contract Stroker is forced to put up with his new situation. However, things aren’t all bad. He’s still got his mechanic buddy (Jim Nabors) and his new position did introduce him to Torkle’s secretary Pembrook Feeney (Loni Anderson), a woman with an unlikely secret.

Aside from many Nascar drivers who show up in cameos during the film there are a couple of small performances worth mentioning including Bubba Smith as Torkle’s chauffeur Arnold and Parker Stevenson as the new hot-shot driver gunning for Stroker’s spot as Nascar’s #1 driver whose name Stroker can never quite remember.

The Diagnosis
Stroker Ace is a train wreck, but an enjoyable one. Early on, possibly before shooting ever began, the stars realized what a turkey they found themselves in and rather than simply go through the motions they decided to go with the flow and have a grand ol’ time. Will it make you laugh? Yes, as well as make you groan, roll you eyes and shake your head. In the end however this flick does have enough swagger and charm to classify it as a guilty pleasure.

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