Thursday, March 22, 2018

Giant Robots vs. Giant Robots vs. Monsters on the Pacific Rim

I enjoyed 2013's Pacific Rim as a throwaway action flick with sci-fi influences featuring robots fighting monsters, but aside from the possibility of having the robots fighting big-name threats like King Kong and Godzilla I wasn't much interested in a sequel. Without director Guillermo del Toro, who is replaced here by Steven S. DeKnight, and returning stars only in supporting roles, Pacific Rim: Uprising has all the flaws of a bloated, over-complicated sequel trying to out-do the original. It also doesn't help that the number of robot vs. robot scenes remind the viewer (painfully) of Michael Bay's Transformers franchise.

Set a decade after the original film, the sequel centers around the never-before-mentioned son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) who is forced to re-enlist after trouble with the law. John Boyega works fine as Jake Pentecost, even if the script can never quite decide how disinterested or invested he should be in the Jaeger program. The sequel also plays fast and loose with the core concept of paired drifting being as much art as science by throwing pairs randomly together once the action gets fast and furious. Cailee Spaeny co-stars as a troubled but talented teen who also joins Jake in the program as part of a plea deal.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

iZombie - Brainless in Seattle

iZombie's two-parter "Brainless in Seattle" gets Liv (Rose McIver) high on romcom brain as the search for the person who murdered a woman smuggled into the city becomes a larger look at the city's isolation from the rest of the country and the underground business of smuggling items and people in and out of the city. Even the subplots delve into this theme as Blaine (David Anders) and Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) both search for one of these human smugglers (Dawnn Lewis) who is turning more people into zombies and disrupting a delicate status quo leading to a possible brain shortage in as soon a six months. Neither the video of a zombie attacking an unarmed teen nor the aggressive murdery cult of Angus McDonough (Robert Knepper) is likely to help keep the peace.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lucifer - The Last Heartbreak

While investigating a double-homicide reminiscent of one that Pierce (Tom Welling) solved decades ago in one of his former lives, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) struggles to adjust to the world's oldest murderer cozying up to Chloe (Lauren German). "The Last Heartbreak" is memorable mostly for giving us our first real glimpse into some of Cain's past. Despite the obvious attraction between the pair, it's obvious well-before the final reveal that Cain has decided to pursue Chloe not out of that attraction but for purely selfish reasons related to his desire to end his immortality.

Osaka Cosplay Street Festival 2018

Vampironica #1

Have you ever wanted Archie comics to be more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If so, I give your Vampironica #1. The new ongoing series centers around rich girl Veronica Lodge who gets bitten by a vampire and becomes a creature of the night. Despite her hunger for blood, it appears Veronica's main purpose is to protect her friends from the vampire who turned her and the other vampires looking to feed in Riverdale.