Friday, October 21, 2016

Arrow - A Matter of Trust

DC's current crop of shows has done a decent job (for the most part) in adapting comic characters to the small screen. With "A Matter of Trust" the show's writers have more mixed success in their attempt to create one of their own. WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes guest-stars as street-level drug dealer Derek Sampson who is given powers after Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) drops him into a vat of strange chemicals (which include a drug named after Rhodes' wrestling alter-ego). Further straining the trust Oliver (Stephen Amell) has in his team, he has no choice but to eventually take them out in the field and prevent the new threat from duplicating the experiment and creating an army of criminals who can't feel pain.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Tom Cruise seems to have found himself a new action franchise. These movies may not be in league with Mission: Impossible films, but for trashy B-movie action flicks you could do worse than Jack Reacher and it's sequel. Returning as former Military Police Officer turned hermit Jack Reacher, Cruise is pulled back to Washington when his phone-friend Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) gets herself arrested.

After breaking Major Turner out of prison, Reacher and his new partner search for answers as to who really killed the soldiers under her command and the reason why someone is going to such trouble to hide the truth. Along the way they will also pick-up a teenage girl (Danika Yarosh) who is targeted by the shadowy private military organization (is there any other type?) responsible for framing Turner. Without giving away the reasons for her involvement in the adventure, the subplot does offer a stronger emotional tie to Reacher's mission the second time around.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Flash - Magenta

"Magenta" introduces a new meta-human altered by Doctor Alchemy when a schizophrenic girl with an abusive Foster Care family begins lashing out at those who have hurt her. Calling herself Magenta (Joey King), the young woman uses her powers to manipulate metal of any size to put her Foster Care father in the hospital. Not even aware of what her other personality is doing when she is blacked out, eventually it will take the Flash (Grant Gustin) to talk her through her pain and understand just what she is doing before she hurts hundreds of more people to get her vengeance.

Darth Vader #25

The final issue of Marvel's Darth Vader series wraps up both ongoing storylines. First, the Dark Lord of the Sith confronts Cylo-V once more. This time, however, Darth Vader makes certain the cybernetic expert won't be able to escape by moving his consciousness to another cloned host body. Once victorious, Vader returns to the Emperor and receives a surprise.

No Tomorrow - No Doubt

Evie's (Tori Anderson) 31st birthday brings the moment she has been dreading as her two worlds collide when her friends and family meet Xavier (Joshua Sasse) for the first time at her surprise birthday party. At first a huge hit with everyone for arranging one hell of an amazing birthday surprise, the night ends on a sour note when Evie's friends and family finally learn about his belief that an asteroid will strike the Earth and kill everyone on the planet in less than a year. Evie's stress is compounded by seeing her loving, if a bit mad, boyfriend get arrested while attempting (not for the first time) to get a reputable scientist to look over his work.