Friday, December 19, 2014

Dark Supergirl by Hekady Cosplay

Hekady is a cosplayer from Spain. You can follow her on Facebook, deviantART, Twitter, Vine, and check out her official site.

Reese Witherspoon takes a cathartic trek through the Wild

Based on Cheryl Strayed's real-life experience of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, Wild stars Reese Witherspoon as the troubled new divorcee with no real hiking experience who latches onto the unlikely project of a 1,100-mile solo-hike as a means to deal with the mistakes of her past.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scorpion - Dominoes

In the show's first Christmas episode the team races against the clock to save a boy trapped under a rock slide on the beach before he's drowned by the incoming tide. While the convergences of several of Sylvester's (Ari Stidham) phobias make him initially useless, at least until he gets a pep-talk by the right person, Walter (Elyes Gabel) takes charge eventually providing just the kind of Christmas miracle needed to inspire his sister (Camille Guaty) to continue fighting her illness.

Top 10 Comic Series of 2014

Heroes, spies, detectives, samurai and ninja, vampire slayers, talking animals, and galactic adventurers. Looking back at the year in comics, these are the ongoing comic book series which continued to entertain, delight, surprise, and fascinate me over the year. It was a good year for women (and crazy gun-wielding raccoons) in comics with four of my top ten comics all helmed by lead female characters and a number of other female characters dominating issues of nearly every title on this list. Here are the top ten ongoing comic series of the year...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mentalist - Orange Blossom Ice Cream

The Mentalist's final season continues with its most anticipated guest-star as Morena Baccarin returns in the role of Erica Flynn in an episode that continues to play on her chemistry with Jane (Simon Baker), which is a little awkward for The Mentalist now that he's with Lisbon (Robin Tunney) as Jane and Lisbon head Beirut to recruit Flynn's help with taking down terrorist leader Jan Nemic (Mark Ivanir).