Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Star Wars #21

Star Wars #21 breaks from the formula of Marvel's main Star Wars comic. Moving away from the adventures of the core characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, the latest issue focuses instead on Sgt. Kreel and his new squad of elite Stormtroopers tasked with finding and eliminating Rebel insurgents throughout the Empire.


Emma Roberts stars as Venus "Vee" Delmonico, an amalgamation of every secretly-cool high school nerd ever, whose introverted personality is tested when she chooses to sign-up for a super-secret (AKA everyone knows about it) online game of truth or dare known as NERVE.

Against the advice of her friends (Emily Meade and Miles Heizer), Vee finds freedom in the dares far away from her over-protective mother (Juliette Lewis) and drab life. Paired with the mysterious Ian (Dave Franco) by the game's Watchers, the two Players will be put through a series of increasingly bold and dangerous dares until the movie basically loses any interest in common sense or reality and devolves into a battle between the pair and the underground hacker community responsible for the game.

Starting with an interesting idea, and timed perfectly to coincide with the popularity of Pokémon GO, Nerve is a tonal nightmare that wants to be both a fun high school flick and dark techno thriller (which it doesn't have the brains or technical expertise to pull off). While the first works at times, the later leads to an unimaginative final act and questionable conclusion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Usagi Yojimbo #156

"The Secret of the Hell Screen" continues as Miyamoto Usagi and Inspector Ishida continue to investigate the odd deaths surrounding the bizarre piece of art that even the son of its creator believes is cursed and needs to be destroyed. No closer to answers, Usagi's dreams begin to make the rabbit ronin wonder if there isn't some truth to the curse of the Hell Screen. Worth a look.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

Preacher - Finish the Song

While Jesse (Dominic Cooper) hides out from the law and buys himself time for his big Sunday sermon, Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Emily (Lucy Griffiths) help nurse Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) back to full strength. Tulip's idea to feed the vampire animals from the local pet shop is a rather ingenious plan, but it's Emily's actions involving the Mayor (Ricky Mabe) which prove surprising. Sacrificing the needy Miles to a vampire she doesn't particularly like is a momentous choice for Emily, and one that may well haunt her for many episodes to come. As for Tulip, the experience inspires her to stop waiting for her revenge.

Green Arrow #3

Healed and ready for action, Green Arrow breaks into Queen Industries looking for answers as to why he was betrayed and left for dead. Alerting his enemies that he's very much alive, this leads to another confrontation between Ollie and Shado (who Oliver learns is working for the Ninth Circle to pay off a debt). While both Diggle and Black Canary, still unaware that Ollie is alive, continue to separately investigate the mysterious organization, Emiko helps her new employers set a trap to catch the hero.