Monday, February 11, 2008

Wristcutters: A Love Story

The film tells the story of Zia (Patrick Fugit) who committed suicide after losing the love of his life, his girlfriend Desiree (Leslie Bibb). He finds himself in an afterlife filled with others who have died at their own hands. It’s a depressing existence, at least until Zia learns that Desiree took her own life a few months after his own suicide and is now living somewhere in this new reality.

With the help of a Russian rocker (Shea Whigham), who made his journey here in one of the most unique ways possible, and a hitchhicker (Shannyn Sossamon) searching for the people in charge, Zia sets off on a road trip trough the desolate landscape to find his true love.

Based on Etger Keret‘s short story “Kneller’s Happy Campers” the film follows this odd group on their unlikely journey in a beat-up car without headlights and a black hole under the passenger’s seat. They meet many strange and interesting people along the way including Kneller (Tom Waits) who runs a miracle camp, a self-proclaimed Messiah (Will Arnett), and a mute Eskimo throat singer (Mikal P. Lazarev).

The off-beat and quirky love story isn’t as good as similar films such as The Science of Sleep (read the review) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it does have its charms. And although the you can see the outcome of the love story playing out its still handled well enough for you to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Okay, so the ending is a little too cute, the film looks like it could have used a slightly larger budget, and there’s really no surprise about where Zia’s heart will lead him. After saying all that I would still recommend the film which tells a much more engaging love story than Hollywood’s standard chick flick fare.

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