Sunday, March 21, 2010

Green Hornet: Year One #1

Somebody please send a copy of this to Kevin Smith. Smith may have fumbled the ball with his new interpretation of the Green Hornet for Dynamite, but Matt Wagner proves there is a spot for the character in comics today.

Taking the Year One approach, Wagner gives us bits of the early lives of both Britt Reid and Kato inter-cut with the Green Hornet's first appearance on the scene. Those who have been reading Wagner's work in Zorro will see much the same here.

Though Wagner gets a little cute once or twice for me (such as the "green hornet" Britt sees in his father's entomology collection) there's quite a bit to enjoy here including the art by Aaron Campbell.

My favorite moment is the image above where Reid's first attempt at heroing is only partly successful, but, in keeping with the origins of the character, he immeadiately decides to rebrand the Hornet. Reid realizes he may be able to do more good if people believe the Green Hornet is a rival gangster to be feared than a hero to be worshipped.

Definitely worth a look.

[Dynamite $3.99]

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