Saturday, July 3, 2010

Batman Beyond #1 (of 6)

While I'm not as big a fan of Batman Beyond as I am of Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League, there are many aspects to the show that I enjoyed. The new mini-series from writer Adam Beechen and artist Ryan Benjamin keeps the history of the show while crafting a new series that should work for those who never saw the cartoon.

Terry McGuiness and Bruce Wayne's relationship remains intact (though the series takes place before McGuiness discovered the truth about his paternity). There are also short glimpses which will mean more for those longtime fans of the show including Amanda Waller, Cadimus, and the appearance of Spellbender.

The choice to the tease from the very first panel to the last of who the main villain of the series might be (which I won't spoil it here) works very well. For fans of the show it's definitely worth picking up, but even if you never saw an episode it's still worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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