Thursday, September 30, 2010

Superman/Batman #76

For a comic that boasts the names of two of DC Comics most famous heroes in it's name Superman/Batman has been largely forgettable. There are several reasons for this which include so-so storytelling, hit-and-miss art, and the fact it takes place outside of DC's continuity.

With issue #76 writer Judd Winick puts Dick Grayson under the cowl for the first time. The story begins just after Final Crisis and runs, roughly, up to the present. That's quite a bit of ground to cover. Given that, the result is a bit mixed.

On the plus side the story gives us Superman's perspective on the death of his friend in some pretty well-written scenes between Supes and Lois, and later with Wonder Woman, and (more than a few) shots of the Man of Steel staring into space. There's also a very human, if completely un-characteristic moment when Superman sees Dick in the Bat-suit for the first time. It works, but it's a little heavy-handed for my tastes.

For an issue of this title it's one of the best, but that's not saying much. Aside from a panel here and there (such as Batman being brought back to the Batcave) I'm not that impressed with the art by Eddie Berganza who can't seem to draw Superman the same way in any two panels (there was even one panel I thought he was weaving Superboy into the story for a moment!), or draw him significantly different than anyone else with dark hair seen here. That said, it's a story that should be told as well as read. Worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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