Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Secret Six #12

With a few arcs under its belt it looks like its time for a little shake-up to the current status quo of the Secret Six. The neighborhood gets a trio of unexpected visitors in Secret Six #12. With Batgirl still hanging around from last month's issue, Lady Shiva comes calling on the house of misfit toys. Determined to make Strix an offer the assassin can't refuse, Shiva makes quick work of Catman, Strix, and Batgirl. Further threatening the lives of her new friends, Shiva convinces Strix to join the League of Assassins.

We also get an appearance by Sue Dinby which has a dramatic effect on her husband. Say goodbye to Big Shot and say hello to the Elongated Man. Maybe his heroic look can rub off on Catman next?

It seems our group is ready for another heroic rescue of a teammate from herself. The question is, when the dust settles who will still be standing? And, if the tease we see at the beginning of the issue is true, are we finally going to see Scandal Savage's path become more intertwined with the group? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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