Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Firefly #1

Taking place prior to the events of Serenity, BOOM! Studios new comic takes us back to the 'verse where Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew aim to misbehave. Opening with Serenity in bad shape, the first issue offers new troubles for the crew in the form of ghosts from Mal and Zoe's past. Marooned on a moon in the Outer Rim with a bounty on their heads and in need of repairs they can't pay for, it will take some work to get the crew of Serenity flying once again.

Writer Greg Pak manages to capture the humor of the original show, and I'm so glad to see a new story featuring Wash (who met his untimely end in the film). I'm a little more on the fence about Dan McDaid's blocky art which fits some characters better than others.

Overall Firefly #1 offers a solid first issue that is smart by shaking things up and having Mal and Zoe be the targets of a manhunt rather than River. I'll be curious to see where things go from here and what other stories we might see. Worth a look.

[BOOM! Studios, $3.99]

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