Monday, November 12, 2018

The Good Cop - What is the Supermodel's Secret?

While Tony Jr. (Josh Groban) investigates a murder for hire, he (and everyone else) is confused by the sudden interest a supermodel (Emma Ishta) has shown in Tony Sr. (Tony Danza). As the model pushes the elder Tony Caruso to find his missing phone it becomes obvious to the audience, if not a single character on the show, what she is truly after. The reveal of incriminating evidence that ties the model to the murder Junior is investigating is hardly surprising once the phone is discovered. Although the shock that Tony and the supermodel together creates in the rest of the cast is good for a couple of chuckles, the mystery is rather bland. The only big change in the show's second episode is to promote Cora (Monica Barbaro) from Tony's parole officer to a detective on the force with his son.

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