Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deadpool Team-Up #883

So who's teaming up with Deadpool this week? A vampire cow? Mexican wrestlers? How about Galactus, the Devour of Worlds? You know, the more insane these get the more I enjoy them.

Out of work and over-his-head in debt, and after being turned down by everyone he knows, the Merc with a Mouth takes a job to be the newest herald of Galactus. Now, you might say Deadpool is uniquely qualified for the job. He certainly loves to create mass chaos and has no qualms about killing, but despite starting out on Galactus' good graces Deadpool's antics (and his inability to shut-up) soon wear thin on one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool also gets a chance to test out his Power Cosmic against that of Galactus' first herald, the Silver Surfer, who is none too happy with the carnage Deadpool has unleashed. Deadpool might be all over the Marvel Universe, but this is consistently his best book. The final panel alone makes this one worth picking up. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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