Monday, April 29, 2013

The Shadow #12

In this single-issue tale The Shadow spends hours scouring the city looking for a deadly new gang of bank robbers who aren't afraid to kill and have already gotten a taste for blood. Although it puts a crimp in his dating life and requires hours of work and a variety of sources at the vigilante's disposal, The Shadow is eventually able to track them down though a call girl one of bank robbers frequents.

Needing to catch the gang, and make the whole thing look like the police set his trap, The Shadow performs a little hypnotism to plant the idea of a big score into the gang. That and a good deal of understanding of human nature and greed, allow The Shadow makes sure the bank robbers take the bait before sitting back and enjoying the show.

The Shadow #12 reminds readers of the resources the vigilante uses to in his one man war against crime along with plenty of action and some lighter moments between Lamont and Margo Lane. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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