Sunday, April 28, 2013

XIII - Joust

Captured by Synequanon security, XIII (Stuart Townsend) finds himself at the mercy of Amos (Greg Bryk) only to be rescued by Betty (Roxane Mesquida) and Mozambique () who have become far more militarized since the last time he saw them.  Only as the situation spirals further out of control does XIII realize he's stuck in a virtual reality courtesy of Synequanon in Amos' attempt to get to the truth. When false reality does get Amos the answers he wants he turns to old fashioned torture.

With time running out and Homeland Security on the way for XIII, Amos consents to a dangerous untested procedure by letting XIII enter his mind in an reality of his choosing where XIII's subconscious will have nowhere to hide. Although he doesn't get the answers he was expecting, XIII does recognize a recurring symbol in the dream which plunges him into a new series of memories and which gives Amos a new lead into the man responsible for the bombing - the CEO (Ho Chow)  of Pong Enterprises.

Finally realizing they have a common enemy, XIII and Amos agree to work together to take down XIII's doppelganger and the men behind framing XIII for the Synequanon bombing and the deaths of Amos' wife and daughter. Thankfully "Joust" forgoes the crazy President Carrington (Stephen McHattie) storyline to focus on two old enemies learning through a whole lot of deception and torture that they actually may be able to trust each other. Although the past is far from buried, and it's still clear that Amos is keeping things from him, it will be interesting to see just how beneficial this alliance will be to both parties over the remaining part of the season.

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