Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Galavant - Battle of the Three Armies

Setting up the season finale, the penultimate episode of Galavant's sophomore season finally brings all our characters to the same battlefield as Galavant (Harry Collett), Richard (Timothy Omundson), and their zombie army join the fight between Hortencia and Valencia. The war doesn't exactly go as planned for anyone as Madalena's (Mallory Jansen) choice to invoke the power of the D'DEW costs her Gareth's (Vinnie Jones) affection but also turns the zombie horde against all the living soldiers forcing Gareth to choose his best friend's side against the woman he loves.

With a lot of rabble rousing before the fighting eventually begins, and punctuated by "It's a Good Day to Die" (performed by nearly every main character) and the Jester (Ben Presley) summing up the season with "Galavant Recap," the episode sets the stage for the season finale while offering a few surprises such as throwing old enemies and friends on the same side against Madalena's out-of-control zombie army.

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