Thursday, February 25, 2016

Velvet #13

The line between friend and foe gets no less clear in Velvet #13. After tracking down the one woman who may hold the first real clue as to what is going on, Velvet Templeton is immediately surprised by the sudden reappearance of Damian Lake whose true motivations shock Velvet to her core.

Continuing to play on the fluidity of spycraft and a world of shifting alliances, Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting offer Velvet an unexpected ally in this issue (if for only a brief moment) before throwing our heroine back out into the cold to fend for herself once more. This time, however, she does finally have a thread of the mystery to begin pulling on.

Given that she's at the mercy of a madman for most of the issue, and is saved by a man whose sacrifice she fails to understand, Velvet #13 doesn't offer us Velvet at her best. That said, in those mistakes our master spy's mind never stops turning, and, as we've come to expect, she does whatever needs doing to survive and live to fight another day. Worth a look.

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