Monday, February 1, 2016

Second Chance - From Darkness, The Sun

Believing Jimmy (Robert Kazinsky) has information helpful to his latest case and is his brother, but still having questions about the unusual sample of his DNA, Duval (Tim DeKay) allows his "brother" to help investigate the spoiled sociopathic son (Adam DiMarco) of a rich CEO (Martin Donovan) who is responsible for multiple murders for no other reason than boredom and to get daddy's attention. The situation will end in Duvall catching a killer and getting more answers than he bargained for.

"From Darkness, The Sun" continues the trend begun in the show's Pilot episode with Jimmy determined to insert himself into Duval's cases. The fallout from this episode allows the FBI agent to learn the truth about who Jimmy is far sooner than I expected, leaving the explanations for the bizarre ressurection to be covered in next week's episode. Mary's (Dilshad Vadsaria) increasinged willingness to help Jimmy's cases continues as well, as do her growing feelings for the man (who in one humorous scene Vanessa Lengies takes to be her boss' new boyfriend).

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