Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lucifer - Et Tu, Doctor?

Needing the help of a psychologist in investigating the murder of a therapist, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) taps Dr. Linda (Rachel Harris) while hoping that she might also help him discover what is "wrong" with Detective Decker (Lauren German). The Devil immediately regrets his decision as Dr. Linda continues to take Chloe's side over his while finally getting some insight into how his relationship with the detective works.

While working through the murder of the week the episode's B-story continues the police corruption story. By the end of the episode Chloe is gift-wrapped a perfect suspect, allowing her to close the case (for real this time). However, we learn (in a not-so-shocking reveal) that Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is the shooter she's been looking for all along. It seems, jealousy or no, that Lucifer has been right all along about Dr. Douche.

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