Monday, March 21, 2016

Second Chance - Geworfenheit

Thanks to the help of Alexa (Vanessa Lengies), who will face harsh consequences in the hours to follow, Connor Graff's (Adan Canto) plan to steal Otto (Adhir Kalyan) away from Lookinglass is successful. However, Otto doesn't just walk out the door so much as burn it to the ground taking his computer A.I. and all his technology and research with him leaving Lookinglass hobbled. The most immediate effect is on the company's plummeting stock price and on Jimmy (Robert Kazinsky) who, without the tank to sustain him, has only a single day left.

The revelations and bad decisions keep coming in "Geworfenheit." Gracie (Ciara Bravo) decides to run away with her boyfriend who it turns out is actually working for Graff. The girl is kidnapped at taken to a secret lab where the madman asks Otto to extract the precusor from her genetic makeup enabling the scientist to bestow the gift of immortality to someone not born with the mutated gene. With so much plot things get rushed and a little muddled as Jimmy and Duval (Tim DeKay) force an unsanctioned FBI investigation of Graff's facilities that leaves Duval suspended and under FBI guard. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Jimmy down to his last few hours, Gracie being tortured, and Duval unable to help either one.

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