Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lucifer - Favorite Son

Detective Decker's (Lauren German) investigation into the theft of a cargo container holds little interest for Lucifer (Tom Ellis) until he discovers it is his property which has gone missing. While evading questions about what was stolen (the truth of which we will only learn in the final scene where the container, but not its precious cargo, is recovered), Lucifer begins his first case as an official consultant for the LAPD. The mystery of Lucifer's "stuff" is well-handled, as is his growing unease and the return of a more scary and vengeful Devil over the course of the investigation.

In the episode's B-story Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) continues his less than angelic manipulations of Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris) by feeding the psychiatrist information about Lucifer he hopes can be used to convince the Devil to return to Hell. It's in these scenes where Lucifer's feelings towards both Heaven and Hell are fleshed out a bit more. As for the contents of the box, it seems the search that unique item will likely play a large role in the coming weeks.

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