Saturday, July 9, 2016

Green Arrow #2

Betrayed, shot, thrown into the ocean, and left for dead, the deconstruction and rebuilding of Oliver Queen starts here in Green Arrow #2. With the world believing he's dead, his name besmearched, and his company and fortune taken from him, Ollie awakes from two weeks after his encounter with Emiko and Shado. Still suffering from his injuries, and unable to resume his life as Oliver Queen, instead he throws on his super-hero gear and returns to action as Green Arrow.

While half of the issue deals with Ollie coming to grips with what has happened to him, the other half centers on Black Canary investigating Ollie's "death." Discovering the symbol of Ninth Circle, her search will no doubt bring her back into contact with Ollie to uncover just who has stolen Mr. Queen's life and why.

There's still quite a bit of unanswered questions here, but the mystery is working for rather against the series' opening first arc. Even if I'm a bit concerned with the cult itself, I'm still very much still onboard with this new direction for the Emerald Archer. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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