Monday, July 18, 2016

Killjoys - Shaft

On their first off-the-books mission for Turin (Patrick Garrow), Lucy and her crew head into the Badlands to investigate a distress call from three Killjoys who found something inside a mine that the RAC wants covered up. With the help of Alvis (Morgan Kelly), the team investigates the situation only to leave with more questions than answers. In the episode's B-story Pawter (Sarah Power) finds a way to use her captor's medical condition against him and create an avenue of escape.

After running into the delusional sole survivor (Lina Roessler) of the first ship sent to bring back a monk from the mine, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) begins suffering from similar symptoms when she's bitten my one of the horde of mutant space worms in the mine. It will take Alvis to talk her down and both her partners to get her out safely. While doing so D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) makes a pair of discoveries about the creatures suggesting a link between them and Level 6.

In both the main story and Pawter's B-story, "Shaft" amps up the horror and gore more than usual. Although the team makes it away safely, the experience leads to several unanswered questions as to just about D'Avin and his connection to the experiments from Red 17. As for Dutch, her near-death experience offers her a new insight as she decides to stop letting herself and her team be pushed around from this day forward.

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