Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Houdini & Doyle - The Pall of LaPier

The finale of Houdini & Doyle features a new mystery of the week plus the conclusion of the anarchist plot involving Adelaide's (Rebecca Liddiard) presumed-dead husband (Jacob Blair). Houdini (Michael Weston), Doyle (Stephen Mangan), and Adelaide head to a small mining town in Ontario where all but two residents mysteriously died without leaving any signs of a cause. Despite the supernatural feel of the case, the threesome eventually discover the scientific cause of the deaths leaving them available to decode the terrorist's code and uncover a plot to assassination President William McKinley (Gary Augustynek) on his visit to Canada.

With signs pointing to the show's more likely cancellation than renewal, the finale does wrap up several loose ends. First, Adelaide is given the opportunity to find closure concerning her husband. Second, injured in the assassination attempt, a groggy Doyle is able to come to terms with his creation (Mark Caven) in a dream sequence. And finally, should the show return, Houdini appears to be far more receptive to the idea of the supernatural given circumstances that close the season. If this is the end, Houdini & Doyle at least goes out on one of the show's stronger episodes.

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