Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Take Two - About Last Night

Take Two didn't waste much time throwing its stars in bed together, even if they don't remember just what happened the night before. Waking up in bed with no memory of their previous 24 hours, Sam (Rachel Bilson) and (Eddie Cibrian attempt to piece together what happened to them. Through a few breadcrumbs, and working around the misinformation offered by their client (Jewel Staite), the pair eventually trace their path to a rogue government agent and a missing vial of a deadly toxin capable of taking out the entire city.

The main point of "About Last Night" is to get Sam and Eddie in bed together without getting them into bed together by rationalizing away any circumstances and behavior that led them there. Sam's concern that she may have lost her sobriety is a nice touch, but the episode goes to an awful lot of trouble to make Sam and Eddie's journey as goofy as possible (including a lost dog that never existed, a trip to a sex club, and another queue from Sam's movie-star past). It was good to see Staite, but she (like the rest of the supporting cast) is underutilized here in an episode that focuses on its two stars retracing their steps and uncovering lots of new questions before finding some answers.

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