Thursday, August 2, 2018

Aphrodite V #1

Set in the near future of Los Angeles which is experiencing a new wave of crime that has been spurred on by the rise of black-market technology comes Aphrodite V. A sentient, artificially intelligent robot created by a global creation bent on controlling the world, Aphrodite V escaped from her masters and is now free to determine her own fate. In Aphrodite V #1 that means saving the life of a single wealthy individual who can grasp just who and what she is.

The set-up her is rather simple, Aphrodite V is a female Robocop in a Los Angeles rather than Detroit with a corporate master who is more dangerous than trustworthy.

Although we don't see much in terms of a larger threat for a character, the series does present the idea of a looming threat just beyond the horizon that she alone may be able to deal with. Honestly, I'm not sure that there is enough here to keep me around long enough to find those answers, but Aphrodite V #1 works as a single issue. For fans.

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