Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Deadly Class - Reagan Youth

Based on the comic by Rick Remender, the pilot episode of Deadly Class introduces us to teenager Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth) living on the streets and hunted by the police after burning down his orphanage (and the children inside). Lost and suicidal, Marcus is offered a new life by enrolling in a secretive school of assassins known as King's Dominion. Run by the headmaster Master Lin (Benedict Wong), the school is compromised of the sons and daughters of mob bosses and murderers, and those (like Marcus) who have shown an aptitude for killing. With ruthless cliques of teenage killers and equally demented teachers (Wong, Erica Cerra, Henry Rollins), King's Dominion may get Marcus off the street but offers a new host of problems including his classmates who don't like child killers and his first homework assignment: kill someone who deserves it.

The unusual set-up offers an intriguing premise and plenty of danger for our protagonist (who may have found reason for living in a school teaching nothing but death) from all potential sides from both friends and enemies (not to mention the machinations of Master Lin whose true reasons for recruiting Marcus have yet to be revealed). "Reagan Youth" offers two potential love interests for Marcus in the flirtatious gameplayer María Gabriela de Faría and the sword-weilding, motor-cycle-riding bad ass Saya (Lana Condor), potential friends in his pacifist lab partner Willie (Luke Tennie) and the school's other black sheep (Liam James, Jack Gillett, and Taylor Hickson), and murderous enemies (Michel Duval and Siobhan Williams).

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