Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Supergirl - Suspicious Minds

More than any of the other CW super-hero shows, Supergirl has shown a willingness to push the envelope and take an unexpected hard right-turn to shake things up in unexpected ways. This season has seen the show continue to mirror real-life political divisiveness and immigrant issues with an anti-alien hate group movement and the new President's (Bruce Boxleitner) anti-alien agenda which gets Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) kicked out of the DEO and creates an investigation to uncover the hero's true identity. In an episode about invisible alien assassins bred by the U.S. Government for black ops, it's the core relationships between characters and how far they are willing to go to keep secrets to protect each other that highlights "Suspicious Minds."

Exposed by Col. Haley (April Parker Jones), the show falls back on the old reliable mindwipe by everyone's favorite Martian. However, there's a twist this time which resets the show's chess board in a major way. Unable to remove Haley's obsession and mandate to discover Supergirl's identity and blackmail the Maid of Might, the alternative is to make everyone else at the DEO forget her secret. While this still leaves a handful of friends who know Kara's secret, this means in order to protect her sister, Alex's (Chyler Leigh) knowledge of Kara's origins and powers must be forgotten. Such a shift to one of the show's core relationships will no doubt have major fallout over the series, but also will likely play into the eventual reveal of the Russian Supergirl teased once more here.

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