Monday, January 28, 2019

Voltron - Battle Scars

The search for the destructive new Robeast takes Volton back to Olkarion where they discover a burnt-out shell of the once vibrant world they knew. Pidge's (Bex Taylor-Klaus) connection to the planet allows her to see the events of the planet's final hours, as a silent observer unable to change events, including the attack of the Robeast and a discovery that, although it might not have saved this planet, could be crucial in tracking down the planet killer.

"Battle Scars" offers another somber episode as Voltron arrives too late to save Olkarion and further defines Honerva/Haggar as an adversary more dangerous and destructive than even Zarkon. The episode provides some action in the flashbacks which only Pidge experiences and also with the other Lions attempting to hold off a Weblum from shattering the shell of the world before Pidge can find some answers. The inability for Hunk (Tyler Labine) to get details on how to fight the Weblum provides a few laughs (all be it around a very convienient communication glitch). Now knowing how to track the Robeast, Voltron returns to the hunt.

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