Thursday, March 5, 2020

Angel + Spike #9

Following the events of the Hellmouth crossover, a soulless Spike has taken up residence with Angel Investigations and proven himself a worthy ally (if not a trustworthy one). Angel's return leads to some conflict among the group who stands up for Spike against their boss' reservations leading to Angel begrudging accepting Spike's inclusion and a brand-new title for the comic.

Considering the original timeline didn't pair up the two until both had their souls, it will be interesting to see what differences a soulless Spike has on Angel Investigations.

Angel + Spike #9 also introduces the First Season character Kate Lockley for the first time in the rebooted universe as the detective runs across monsters and is guided to Angel by Lilith. I'll be curious to see if Kate ends up having a larger or smaller role in this version of events. of The comic also furthers the foreshadowing of Wolfram & Hart becoming a major part of the comic in the near future.

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