Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Batwoman - Off With Her Head

Hate and revenge play large roles in "Off With Her Head" which sees characters continue to make odd choices, the writers randomly insert characters, and and the show continue to play on the dynamic between sisters. In a move that makes no sense, other than to set-up the episode's obvious ending, Alice Rachel Skarsten) gives up August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy) to Batwoman (Ruby Rose) just prior into falling into the madman's trap. As events play out, Cartwright reveals details about Alice's confinement to Kate and Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) and an insane Mouse (Sam Littlefield) attempts to drive the last remaining bit of sanity out of Alice's head through the use of Fear Gas from a classic Bat-villain whose name I won't sully here by connecting him the show.

While some may focus on the problematic issue of the show's heroine choking a bound man to death (which, to be fair is pretty damn bad), I'm not sure it ever rates in the top ten of awful decisions the show has made this season. Jacob's sudden love towards his insane daughter also seems to come out of nowhere (this is the same guy that put the kill order out on her just weeks ago). The bizarre, but predictable, events seem to bring the Kane family back together for at least one more week. Debra Mooney guest-stars as August's equally insane mother in flashbacks which provide more instances of physical and emotional abuse on Beth as well as the triggering event which led to her first murder (but without explanation about after escaping the clutches of an awful family of captors why she decided to turn super-villain rather than reclaiming her own life).

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