Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rick and Morty - Analyze Piss

In an episode that sees the return of Doctor Wong (Susan Sarandon), Mr. Numbus (Dan Harmon), and a number of new D-list villains causing havoc, Rick (Justin Roiland) attempts to stop engaging them leading to Jerry (Chris Parnell) stepping up to becoming a hero. Putting characters in unfamiliar places, there's a lot going on in "Analyze Piss" where Jerry gets to prove himself and Rick discovers there isn't much happening in his life without the constant interruptions from characters like Nimbus, Cookie Magneto, or Piss Master (Will Forte). A Rick and Morty take on a hero story, "Analyze Piss" (despite its piss jokes) allows the cerebral Rick to follow his heart for a change and do some good.

Jerry becomes a hero for defending his daughter from Piss Master and joins an intergalactic council of heroes. As Jerry trends universe-wide, a bored and depressed Rick seeks out the only person who may know his pain - Piss Master. Unfortunately, Piss Master has committed suicide leading to a hero origin for Rick in becoming Piss Master to rehabilitate the dead man's reputation and go out in a blaze of glory (unintentionally undermining Jerry's recent success). Despite all that occurs, events lead the show back to stage-one reset with the short-lived good will in the family for both Jerry and Rick dissipating once again. Oh, and there's a planet of space Hitlers (or there was until Jerry killed them). #FlamingoDad

  • Title: Rick and Morty - Analyze Piss
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