Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Zorro Masters II

As with the first Zorro Masters one-shot, Zorro Masters II reprints a couple of stories from Dell Zorro and Dell Four Color, each from writer/artist Alex Toth. Taking up the majority of the issue, "Gypsy Warning" involves the theft of all the gunpowder within the garrison, replaced by charcoal by the former comandante's wife and other conspirators working for the traitor known as the Eagle who also plan to kill Sergeant Garcia until Zorro swoops in saving both Garcia, and later the comandante's wife, from the Eagle's wrath.

The far-shorter of the two stories, "Friend Indeed," Zorro outsmarts Garcia and frees a group of political prisoners being held in the jail with a bit of misdirection by suggesting a plan to the sergeant that them unguarded.

[American Mythology, $3.99]

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