Monday, November 21, 2022

The Peripheral - Jackpot

Our story continues to stall in "Jackpot" with the latest episode of The Peripheral jumping around the timeline focusing on various conversations and once again no movement being made in the search for Aelita West (Charlotte Riley). The best of these comes at the very end of the episode where Flynne (Chloƫ Grace Moretz) discovers what the future has in store for the world. The worst is the verbal sparring between Lev (JJ Feild) and Cherise (T'Nia Miller) which if full of sci-fi gobbledygook the show hasn't gotten around to making sense of yet (and, honestly, I have little interest in).

Along with a glimpse of what the future holds for everyone on Earth, the episode is notable for Conner (Eli Goree) taking a ride in the Peripheral and getting a taste of the future, foreshadowing future excursions for both he and Burton (Jack Reynor), and the less-surprising revelation that the rich guy is a sociopathic asshole. The politics of the future continue to drag down the action while the mystery to be solved (what happened to Aelita?) ,which seemed to be the primary purpose for Flynne being pulled into this world, continues to be an afterthought.

  • Title: The Peripheral - Jackpot
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