Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deadpool #19

I'm not sure why this Deadpool/Spider-Man team-up story found it's way to the main Deadpool title instead of Deadpool Team-Up, but I'm glad it did. Daredevil finds his way to New York to search out Spidey only to have the Web-Slinger mistankenly believe Deadpool killed a few friends of Peter Parker just to get his attention.

Of course this gives us the old comic book misundertanding that allows two heroes (well, if you count Deadpool as a hero) to fight it out for a short time before they come to realize the truth.The truth behind the killings is a bit more, uh, complex.

Writer Daniel Way proves once again that if you only read one Deadpool title a month, this is the one.

Spider-Man, Deadpool, and a Hit-Monkey. What more can I say? Overall a very strong issue that you should definitely pick-up.

[Marvel $2.99]

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