Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Flash: Rebirth #6 (of 6)

For good or ill, Barry Allen is back. Geoff Johns wraps up the mini-series with the Reverse Flash's defeat at the hands of Flash and friends and Barry Allen finally accepting the new life he has been given.

Taken in its entirety The Flash: Rebirth a far cry from Green Lantern: Rebirth. As a standalone issue the end to series works fine but there's nothing here anyone is going to drool over.

Barry Allen is one of my favorite characters and I guess I'm glad to finally have him back, though I had long ago accepted his death as one of the few permanent moments in DC history. Was it necessary to bring him back now? No, not really. Was his return handled in good way. No, not really. But he is back and at least that's something.

For better or worse, welcome back Barry!

[DC $2.99]

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