Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Avengers #62

Like every other Marvel Siege tie-in this week New Avengers fails to take the opportunity move any of the story forward but instead try and get all the storylines caught up on the same page. Yeah, it's a little disappointing that the main story is still on the back burner, but what are you gonna do?

This issue could easily been released last week because it sure as hell isn't going to give away anything about Marvel's big event (which seems to be stalled before it ever gets started).

As a stand-alone there's not a lot here other than a couple of forgettable battles with Spidey and Spider-Woman, and Bucky-Cap and Steve Rogers. There is a nice joke between two soldiers joking about the inability of anyone, or anything, to kill Captain America. And yes, eventually everything leads to this great moment, but it's definitely a flaw that the comic ends just when the story was getting good. Especially with a $4 price-tag.

[Marvel $3.99]

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