Sunday, May 16, 2010

Comic Rack - Titans: Villains For Hire (One-shot)

Green Arrow is a killer, Speedy lost his daughter and got his arm ripped off, Batman is a cave man, and a group of baddies just banded together to knock-off Ryan Choi? I've got to ask: Is Brightest Day meant to be ironic?

Seriously, it took five super-villains to take this guy out (talk about overkill)? Who are they going after next, Ace the Bathound? I was never a fan of how DC went about diversifying their hero population by replacing known (and beloved) heroes with unknowns instead of simply creating new heroes. I never warmed to Choi as the Atom, and even though I really like Jaime Reyes a piece of me will always resent him for not being Ted Kord. All that said, Choi still deserved a better fate than this "heroic" death at the hands of Deathstroke, wishy-washy Black Adam Jr, the ridiculous Tattooed Man, Catman's old squeeze, and some girl on fire.

[DC $4.99]

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