Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sword #24 (Final Issue)

What the hell am I going to read now? Sure, The Astounding Wolf-Man is better than I expected (when it comes out), but the only real reason I've had to look through Image Comics has been the Luna Brothers' The Sword. For two years now former paraplegic Dara Brighton has hunted down the God-like beings who murdered her family, armed with the only thing in existence that can harm them - The Sword. If you've been reading this you've no doubt already picked this issue up, and if you haven't *cough*monkey*cough* go back and start from the beginning! It's worth it.

The last issue ended with a surprising twist, and yet this issue still manages not to get backed into a corner by giving us the unexpected one final time before closing the book on Dara and her adventures. This double-sized final issue isn't the gorrific slashfest a longtime reader of the series might expect. Instead the Luna Brothers take the opportunity to bookend the series by spending far more time on character than carnage. And I'm not complaining, even with the amount of plot dumped into this one issue, thankfully, it never becomes dull. Yeah, it's a must-read. Goodbye Dara, I'm sad to see you go.

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