Saturday, July 27, 2013

Burn Notice - Psychological Warfare

Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) continues his journey down the rabbit hole searching for the head of Sonia's (Alona Tal) organization when he's kidnapped and awakes in an intense series of interrogations, chemical cocktails, and psychological warfare run by an interrogator (John Pyper-Ferguson) who goes over and over Michael's complete history searching for any hint of deception. With Mike missing for several days and Sonia's goons looting his apartment, Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell), and Jesse (Coby Bell) begin following Sonia hoping to discover what has happened to their friend.

Through his drug-induced hallucinations Michael is visited from the ghosts of Christmas past. First, he is forced to admit the kind of man Larry (Tim Matheson) molded him into and how their final mission together forever changed him. Second, he sees his abusive father (Tim Griffin) and comes close to revealing all. Michael correctly guesses Sonia's rescue attempt to be nothing more than yet another ruse and finally earns himself a spot inside the organization.

"Psychological Warfare" is another episode centered around Michael Westen's past and the choices that modeled him into the CIA's super spy. Although he manages to successfully pass the tests given to him, the confrontation of both his father and Larry forces Michael to admit that they're influences were what made them into the man who was able to survive being broken down by James' myriad of psychological methods. Now even more invested in his mission, the trick will be will Michael know when to stop or will he forever fall down the rabbit hole?

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