Thursday, June 23, 2016

Person of Interest - Return 0

After five seasons and more than 100 episodes Person of Interest comes to a close with "Return 0." With both The Machine and Samaritan slowly dying, our ragtag group of heroes have one last mission: destroy the back-up copy of Samaritan to prevent it from ever returning. For Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) this means breaking into the Federal Reserve and infecting Samaritan's air-gaped servers with the ICE-9 virus. For Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) this means one final shoot-out in the subway. And for The Machine it means chasing Samaritan into space and finding a way to defeat the rival's final copy aboard a satellite once and for all.

Written by Denise Thé and show creator Jonathan Nolan, the finale holds nothing back. This is indeed our heroes' last stand, and not all of them will survive. Punctuated by several terrific character moments, including Shaw hearing The Machine speak in Root's (Amy Acker) voice for the first time, Person of Interest's final hour of television doesn't disappoint. I won't get into who lives and who dies, but the episode hits the right notes with every character given the chance for a final bow before the curtain falls for good.

The war against Samaritan which turned the series on its head and dominated the Person of Interest's final three seasons comes to a definitive close here. And, as was the case with "Synecdoche," the final episode teases the possibility of a possible spin-off. I don't know if we'll ever see more of these characters, but even with as dark as this final season became I would be more willing to sign-up to see the lives of these characters continue in some form (whatever that might be).

End of Line.

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