Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preacher - Monster Swamp

As Jesse (Dominic Cooper) begins putting his new powers to good use, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) stalls Fiore (Tom Brooke) and DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) while failing to impress on Jesse the danger the preacher is in from two wayward angels. The episode also provides our first flashbacks to Jesse's childhood and his relationship with his father (Nathan Darrow) and introduces Jackie Earle Haley as the town's most influential man, Odin Quincannon, whose attendance at church in the episode's closing scene is crucial to Jesse's plan to grow and save All Saints' Congregational Church.

"Monster Swamp" gets its name from the opening scene in which one of the town's hookers (Barbie Robertson) dies tragically when she falls through a sink hole while taking part in a ridiculous game of paintball where the young women are hunted by employees of Quincannon Meat & Power. While showing us just how little Quincannon and his men value life, the unfortunate circumstances of Lacey's death also leads to the first meeting between Cassidy and Tulip (Ruth Negga). The two sequence involving Quincannon first addressing his employees and later the town's mayor inform us of the man's character, or lack thereof, before bringing us to Jesse's attempt to transform Quincannon and bring him to God. The town's reaction to such a move is likely to have huge ramifications for everyone involved.

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