Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wander Over Yonder - The Night Out

In another life Sylvia (April Winchell) and Dominator (Noël Wells) might have been great friends (well, if Dominator knew what friends really were). Bored while waiting for her army of destruction to update their software, Dominator sneaks out disguised looking for a little fun. To her surprise she finds it hanging out with Sylvia. With Wander (Jack McBrayer) off helping the little guy, the two women enjoy a night out together... at least until Dominator's need to control and/or destroy everything comes between the pair.

"The Night Out" is a completely unexpected episode. While the pairing certainly makes sense, I never expected to see Sylvia and Dominator pal around together. Although he doesn't have much of a role in this episode, Wander's activities prove to play an important role in the episode's outcome. And despite having much in common with Dominator, we see why Sylvia and Wander are so good for each other bringing out the best (rather than the worst) qualities in one another.

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