Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wander Over Yonder - The Search for Captain Tim

When Lord Hater's (Keith Ferguson) pet Arachnomorph goes missing the super-villain panics and begins a search to find Captain Tim. The Watchdogs prove no help as Hater's army is deliriously happy that violent creature is no longer aboard the ship. Seeking outside assistance, Hater teams up with an Arachnomorph bounty hunter who reveals that it is the animal's mating season and all male Arachnomorphs have been called back to their home planet by their queen.

Despite how vicious and violent Lord Hater's pet is, that doesn't stop the villain from putting himself in danger to find Captain Tim. Eventually, despite the bounty hunter's warnings about Tim only being a mindless killing machine, Hater's trust in Captain Tim is well-founded when his pet saves Hater, the bounty hunter, and even Wander (who shows up at the last minute to help after seeing one of Hater's flyers) from the Arachnomorph queen. I guess everyone is capable of love, even Hater and his little killing machine.

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