Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Bull - Forfeiture

Tensions run high as Chunk (Chris Jackson) takes on his first case in defending a young man (Astro) facing up to a decade in prison for selling knock-offs out of the back of his grandfather's (Ben Vereen) barbershop while Benny (Freddy Rodríguez) represents the grandfather whose shop has been seized by the FBI. Despite the counsel offered by Bull (Michael Weatherly) and Benny, Chunk takes a risky defensive strategy admitting his client's guilt but only because the FBI entrapped him into committing a crime he would not have sought out on his own. With two cases and lawyers not on the same page, "Forfeiture" provides a solid episode fueled by Chunk's passion and indignation at what was done to his client in the name of justice (something he proves more than capable of helping the jury see as well). Vareen steals a few minutes as well including the grandfather's testimony on the stand for his grandson while ignoring what possible damage it might mean to his own case.

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