Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bull - Prior Bad Acts

The death of Benny's (Freddy Rodríguez) father complicates matters given Bull's (Michael Weatherly) feelings for Benny's sister, and Bull's ex-wife (Yara Martinez), just when a wealthy client enlists the firm in looking into his brother's unexpected death due to a nitroglycerin overdose. While initially suspicious of the doctor who prescribed the medication, it quickly becomes obvious the far more alluring suspect is the victim's widow (Reiko Aylesworth) who has left a string of dead husbands in her wake (yet always seems to profit).

Without being able to discuss her previous killings in front of the jury, Bull has to come up with a different strategy (one which looks into just how much the woman profited by the slow demise of the victim's company following his death). The result proves to be more successful than the all-too-short fling with his ex, although that ends on good terms as well. Going forward, the question becomes how this speedbump will affect Bull's relationship with Diana (Jill Flint)?

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