Monday, February 18, 2019

The Dragon Prince - Book Two: Sky

The Second Season of The Dragon Prince continues the journey of the human princes Callum (Jack De Sena) and Ezran (Sasha Rojen) and their new Elven friend Rayla (Paula Burrows) to return the newly hatched Dragon Prince to his mother. Much like The Lord of the Rings, the fellowship's journey stretches long and wide, but there's plenty of character developement along the way as Callum attempts to find a way to access primal magic without a stone, Ezran attempts to teach the baby dragon to fly, and Rayla puts aside her fear of water for a voyage on a boat with a blind sea captain suffering from narcolepsy.

While we get a little more of Ellis and Ava in the early episodes taking place at the Moon Nexus where the princes are reunited with Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) and Soren (Jesse Inocalla). Although their father, who uses his influence to try and bring in the other kingdoms for war against the Elves (including an episode that lets audiences in on the fate of Collum's mother), is obviously the villain of the story his children continue to remain in a more nebulous gray area where some of their actions could be considered evil and/or foolhearty but not necessarily their motives.

Book Two continues to build on each character while the journey's end continues to see far in the distance. There are also episodes on the fellowship's sea voyage, and a final arc involving Viren's (Jason Simpson) quest for power and Callum's inner-struggle after using dark magic to save Rayla and a dragon which will force the Elf to confront her feelings for the human and allow the prince to make the connection he's been seeking with primordial forces and change his destiny. Both Collum and Ezra grow up a bit in Book Two, and despite her attempts to keep her friendship with the princes we learn just how far Claudia will go to carry out her father's wishes and save her brother. One of several questions remaining for the series is whether or not she can be redeemed?

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